The New Normal

Wear a mask while going outside,

Do you know, due to Corona her dad died?

Eww, don’t touch me, move aside!

This is the new normal by which we have to abide.

Maintain social distancing,

Wait for a vaccine.

No weddings, no rings,

No wishes are fulfilling.

Namaste, no hand shake,

No regular visits to the lake,

Birthday cakes? Ame please bake,

Stop this thing! For God’s sake!

Meeting friends? Video call,

No physical meetings at all!

Birthday dress? No going to the mall,

Come on, it’s not funny don’t say LOL!

I am tired of waiting, aren’t you too,

There is something, we all can do,

Let’s watch TV and not go outside,

For everyone’s sake, don’t let this screw!

We will be helping won’t we?

Don’t believe? Do it, you’ll see.

Let us grow gardens and trees,

And soon, this virus shall decease.

13 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. Lemme ask you one thing…. What compliment, blessing or good luck should i give you now ! Each poem that you write is just superfantabulously amazingly mind blowing !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The doors of becoming a poet shall open up to you one day and you shall enter it proudly with our blessings always with you… Keep writing, you are a star !
    This poem, like all other poems is funny, meaningful, and beautifully rhymed and phrased… Keep up the writing !

    Liked by 1 person

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