Our class was full of smarts,
As you were the best from the start,
It’s hard to see you go, hard to believe we’re apart..
So, I wrote this from the bottom of my heart.

As my favorite teacher,
Leaves school and goes away,
I loved her very much,
There’s more to say,
I don’t know how time flew away,
It was like yesterday was Tuesday, how come it’s Friday?

Please remember, I’ll miss you a lot,
Thank you for giving me opportunities which I got,
Of tenderness and love, between us is a strong knot,
All you did for me last year was something I never forgot.

You aren’t just a teacher,
You are a guru,
As we say our goodbye’s,
We thank you!

Thank you for making Geography more interesting than it is,
Thank you for making me feel like History exists,
Thank you for teaching English which consists….
Of all these words, which mean that it is you who I am going to miss.

I wish you would rip your resignation letter,
And tear it apart,
Throw it in the bin,
Set it on fire,
Is something which your students would desire.

But it is not in our hands,
To leave its your choice…
Thank you Pallavi ma’am
For giving everyone a voice.

I surely don’t want to end this on a sad note,
Nor do I want to attach a farewell quote,
Neither do I want to cry and gloat
Oh I wish I didn’t have to put an end note!

Dramatic goodbyes are given to people

Who think they are not so special,
So I wanted to give you a happy one..
And this is not the end of fun…
After this you will find,
Something that will blow your mind,
For a teacher so kind,
With whom our hearts have bind.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye…

  1. Oh geet… this poem is heartouching ! It made me cry but happy at the same time….
    You know what, I give up ! My tongue is tied up and reading this poem all I can say is…. Your the best at writing. Unbelievable, exceptional, You produce such beautiful writings and its just joy to read them. Truly, you are god gifted… So proud. Also, OMG Ira ! You’ve got some real hidden talent ! You and geet have done an excellent job of writing this poem ! We’ve got some budding poets here ! Well done Ira !

    Liked by 3 people

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