Lizard Fright (>ლ)

I just finished dinner, and was heading towards my room,

Who knew, I’d almost be doomed,

It was dark, so I turned on the light,

And what I saw left me in extreme fright!

A huge lizard was on my wall,

I screamed in fear for it was so wide and tall!

I was disgusted, and petrified,

My mom hurried in, and pushed me aside,

“Go get the bamboo cane we have, hurry up!” she said,

And the lizard crawled near my bed!

“Yaaaaah!” I screamed real quick

“Don’t act like a damn lunatic!”

I rushed to get the cane,

And then what happened next was insane-

I thought my mom began doing martial art,

Trust me, this was just the start,

She flicked the cane and swirled it,

And the lizard ran everywhere like a hypocrite,

And there were moments where I screamed like a small kid,

It frightened me to death, it really did-

The rest that occurred,

Well, it’s hard to explain in words-

In the end, we opened the window and the lizard flee for its’ life,

I wondered if it would make it out alive,

I wouldn’t care much anyway,

And that’s the end, that’s all I say.

Effects of the lizard were that I was scared to turn on the lights,

As my brain always expected more frights,

Luckily, I’m so much more confident now,

Thinking about it disgusts me somehow!

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