People I’ve been influenced by~

One thing that in mind that is always caught,

Is the list of people who’ve influenced me, though there aren’t a lot,

I’ll always remember, the things they’ve taught,

And be grateful for all the happiness, in my life which they brought~

It’s not a long list as you will see,

But let’s still have a look at it, shall we?

First, is my mother,

Irreplaceable for another,

Telling me how life would take turns everyday,

She always has logical things to say,

Influenced me from the tale of her life,

How she got abandoned as a wife (sorry mom),

I know it must have been very tough for mom,

But that is where I always get influenced from!

Second the most commited man I know,

For him, life had been so low,

That his mentality became stronger than Bruce Lee,

That’s Suga aka Min Yoongi,

His lyrics are relatable as hell,

I’ve been influenced though I don’t know him that well,

He’s tried to suicide, faced depression, anxiety and what not,

I feel like respecting him by remembering things he’s taught,

It’s okay not to be okay, discomfort is something everyone has to face,

People will judge you, life is a long race . . (don’t end it)

I never knew people could go through so much,

I get influenced easily by people like such.

Third, is Yeonmi Park,

Her past, well its sad and dark,

Escaping her own country,

So that she could set herself free.

I love watching her talk about her story,

Now I do believe in “After suffering there is glory”.

Yeonmi Park, she is very brave,

if I’d be in her place I’d start digging my grave,

To be influenced, thats what I do,

Think what’d I do if I stepped in their shoe,

And you never know what someones going through,

So always be nice to everyone you meet, won’t you?


Okay, so I did write about some sensitive topics in this poem, and, well I’m sorry if that hurt anyone.

I promised I’d be back with a poem, so here I am, I wrote it immediately <33 So go show this poem some love!



26 thoughts on “People I’ve been influenced by~

    1. No, though he is someone I’ve been influenced by, he isn’t my bias, he’s my bias wrecker haha, my bias is Jimin…well you can’t be an ARMY unless you keep getting wrecked, I’m sure next week its gonna be joon or hobi or yoongi trust me 😂😂😂😂😂

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  1. One could not have written this better. Utter perfection. I doubt anyone would be offended by such a beautiful poem, keep it up 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg this poem is soo 😢 sad but amazing !! Why are your poems soo good 😭 jk (jungkook haha), I really think this is the best poem !! You always surprise me with your poems geeeet ! Saranghae 💜✨

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