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The beauty of a Forest (Poem Prompt Swap Collab with Maggie!!)


Do you just ever wish that,

Under a shady tree when you sat,

You would feel like your breathing for the first time,

Surrounded by smells of softwood and pine.

The air, cool and moist, everything is happy.

Yes, it’s the forest, a peaceful place to be,

It’s a place of strong magic, it heals you,

Walking through damp mosses, drops of dew.

Being in a forest, makes you feel alive,

It’s a place where your imagination would thrive.

The greenery, soothes you to the bone,

The silence is as still as stone,

Leaving all the fuss, busy life and asphalted roads behind,

Greeted by nature, a peaceful, happy place which is so kind.

Leaves crunch under your feet, you feel safe to be near tree trunks,

It’s a calm place to be, like Himalayas for monks.

And you slowly start to loose sense of time,

You’re there to relax, everything is so fine,

You sit under the shady pine tree,

Breathing for the first time, don’t you feel free?


So, this is a VERY very VERY special post, it means a lot to me because its a collab with

*insert drumroll sound effect*

Maggie from Maggie’s Doodles!! She comes up with amazing ideas I think you should go check her blog!! She’s the sweetest please~🤍

So the main idea of this collab was a ‘poem prompt swap’. We gave each other themes and came up with poems, Maggie’s theme for me was “Forest” and my theme for her was “Stars”. And I love the outcome of this collab, thanks Maggie!!

Click here to see Maggie’s amazing, and I mean it, AMAZING post!

Hoping for more collabs with you!!


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