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Why I prefer K-pop over Pop

So, there’s like thousands of people telling me “Why K-pop?” or “What do you even find in K-pop? They look the same, you can’t even understand them!”

This is why I wrote this post. REASONS.

Reasons why I prefer K-pop over Pop.

Note – I’m not trying to change anyones opinions here, this is my way of looking at K-pop, and everyone has different opinions and I respect everyones’ opinions, so please respect mine as well, like a decent human being. I laughed while writing this sentence

Reason #1 – K-pop idols train, and work harder than pop idols.

Now I’m not saying pop idols don’t train, but K-pop idols are trained very roughly and it’s one of the thougest things, being a trainee, even harder, if you aren’t from Korea, since you will have to live away from your family and probably live alone, in some cases.

Being a K-pop fan, I know how much time and effort they put in to produce top-notch songs, practicing choreographies and maintaining their diet. All of K-pop idols go through years and years of training before they are even selected in a group. You need dedication and effort for all of this. And not only before debut, even after debut, they need to work extremely hard. So, I guess it’s a pretty hard life compared to a life of a pop idol. And that’s why I have a huge respect for all the idols out there!

Reason #2 – K-pop artists produce a lot more content while compared to pop.

When I say content, I mean albums, singles, EP’s and so much more. A typical K-pop group will produce atleast two albums a year. And that’s what fans like, new content, new variety, more songs! Now, American artists drop like one album a year (you might think it’s only “one album difference” but that one album is still a LOT keep reading to find out why). And if that album goes well, they’ll probably take a break (one to two years) and then drop another album. So let’s say, in 5 years, a typical K-pop group would have 5 x 2 = 10 albums and a Pop artist (let’s say the album goes well with a one year break) will have like 3 or 4 albums (see why I said more content?). And of course, if there are like more songs, I’d always prefer listening to variety rather than just four or five same songs everyday, I don’t know, your opinions can be different.

Also, aside from all this, K-pop groups have like variety shows. Like for BTS, they have this show called Run BTS where they do a LOT of stuff. So, I guess they must be really really tired after all the album work, but still take out time to shoot episodes and even vlogs. Plus they constantly update on Weverse, Vlive, Instagram and Twitter. I don’t see many pop artists do that.

Reason #3 – High Quality Music Videos

This is like my favourite part, MV’s!! K-pop music videos are so creative, the theories sometimes trace back to Greek gods as well!

Example – In BLACKPINK’s ‘How You Like That’ when the music video starts, we see a pair of huge black wings displayed as Lisa is ascending then descending a set of stairs in a long black dress. The wings may represent Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, who is infamous for her wings.

CLOSED on Twitter: "we KNOW blackpink's music videos would always eat  everything up and hello the visuals are back 😩 #HowYouLikeThat_MVTeaser  #HowYouLikeThat_D2 @ygofficialblink… https://t.co/NyijJBqVxa"

Then in Jisoo’s scene, Jisoo has a blindfold on, which may mean that Jisoo’s role in this scene is of her as Themis, the Greek goddess of judgement, who is usually shown wearing a blindfold and holding out a scale in one hand and sometimes a sword in the other.


There’s so much more behind HYLT.I’ll make a whole damn post explaning it’s theory. That’s why. The K-pop music videos are like movies. Even American Pop has good music videos. And I’m not saying that every MV has to be super high quality, for it to be a good MV, it’s just that K-pop idols choose to spend their time on making it look just perfect, and that’s what people like, perfection.

And when all of it is put together it just looks so mesmerising.

(Note – not trying to make K-pop look really superior, Pop artists are very talented in their own ways as well).

Reason #4 – Theres lot’s of different concepts in K-pop

Okay, so here, I’ve seen the concept really fits with the song. Boy With Luv, fits it’s aesthetic concept, where as Boy In Luv fits it’s school love affair concept. I don’t see different concepts by the same artists in pop (as far as I know, I may be wrong). K-pop gives importance to it. So I’d prefer listening to variety (opinions differ) rather than just rock or just metal.

Like now Twice, do more of cute concepts, but Blackpink do more girl crush concepts. BTS do almost all concepts. And I love that part.

They keep experimenting with new things rather than just sticking to one concept.

Reason #5 – K-pop performances are more fulfilling

So, when K-artists perform, they perform with choreographies. So they dance and sing at the same time. And the choreos are sometimes very complex trust me. Try watching BTS “IDOL” or “ON” it’s hard to sing when they dance such complex choreos and they work so hard and motivate fans, and that’s another reason I prefer K-pop

So like imagine going for a concert. A K-pop concert will usually have dance and singing together (sometimes they do play instruments as well). Where as a Pop concert would be just singing and probably a instrument. I haven’t seen them dance. So I just don’t know I like both of them, like their stage presence is equally amazing. But I guess K-artists work harder. . . and there’s more stuff in their concerts as well. Depends on what you like don’t throw hands at me.

Reason #6 – K-pop Idols care so much about their fans.

This is like true, I’m not even lying. Once when Jisoo was live, and she read a comment saying “I skipped a meal to attend your live” she immediately told fans not to skip meals just because of her. There are American artists who are humble and do care about their fans, but it’s kinda rare.

BTS has reached this high level, yet they are so so humble and care so much about the staff and their fans, I mean this needs to be appreciated. The love between BTS and ARMY is like one of the strongest bonds and no one can change my mind lol. If you don’t belive me, when BTS lost Grammys, the first thing they did was that they went live. Even though they were exhausted, they needed sleep, the first thing they thought about was ARMY. I mean it’s just so touching that even though they are so sad, they come to comfort their fans first. Also other K-pop groups, when they win an award, they first thing they do is thank their fans when they worked so hard, so please-

I guess that’s it. So I don’t think K-pop is just people wearing make up and using autotune. There’s so much more. And as I always so NO ONE in this world deserves to be hated for what they are doing.

Yes, living a life as a trainee is very unhealthy, as you don’t get sufficient sleep and are forced to reduce weight, but the fact that all the K-pop idols we know till date, have done this (except for few like QUEEN HWA SA). So I guess y’all should actually see what K-pop is without hating it.

Let’s just appreciate people for who they are, and make this world a better place!

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk 😭 I’m sorry I couldn’t add humor here and this post is like so long-

Take care of yourselves now!!

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <33


31 thoughts on “Why I prefer K-pop over Pop

  1. Loved this post!! I was literally nodding to all your points while reading. These are the exact reasons why I love kpop more than pop music. I have nothing more to say since you included everything 💜💜
    No one can give extraordinary concepts, stunning muisc videos and visuals other than kpop.
    K-pop idols support their fans too just like us and that’s the perk of beauty I guess ❤️

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  2. You would say I am a pop person 💕
    When I sing I like to sing with it. And I don’t like music in different languages. I respect your opinion tho 💕

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  3. I like both k-pop and pop. I agree that k-pop’s music videos are INCREDIBLE – Blackpink’s in particular are really amazing. Since I listen to pop as well though, I know some pop artists who train and work really hard. I’m sure you know a lot about k-pop, but if you know a lot about pop as well, you know that that’s true in pop too. Maybe not as many pop artists train compared to how many k-pop ones do though, I agree with you there. Also, I actually don’t know any pop artists who only do the same concept in their music. If you listen to more of their music, I think you’ll find that they are actually equal with k-pop there. And have you seen Beyonce at Cochella? For the full two-hour concert she is dancing and singing the entire time. There are so many pop artists who are known for dancing and singing during their concerts – just like k-pop stars, and they do it just as well. The dancing is hard and really well choreographed. And some pop fans really care about their fans. I agree with everything you’ve said here, I just wanted to give you my perspective as a fan of both to show you that they are surprisingly equal. But, yeah, K-pop is AMAZING. And I really appreciate you talking more about it’s awesomeess with your followers ✨✨✨ ❤😊❤

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    1. Yes, I mentioned I might be wrong. It’s maybe my opinion/taste in music that makes me feel so. Also, I haven’t seen many pop artists dance (there are exceptions ofc). While compared to K-pop, I feel there’s more dance in there. Though dance isn’t what makes a performance ‘better’ it’s just an addition to all their talents.
      And I do respect all pop stars, ofc they are equal, everyone is. It’s just my opinion and people do have many different opinions as well, I respect your opinion as well infact now I know a lot more about pop than I used to.
      Yep. K-pop is amazing, I don’t understand why it gets so much hate. It’ s more than men wearing make-up (most of them don’t even wear make-up in that case). It’s so much more than what people actually think it is. And I want more people to know that.

      And tysm for ur comment/opinion!

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  4. I like this post even though I’m not a k-pop fan. I get what you mean about fans getting hate, but I don’t know, some k-pop fans get really frustrated when you don’t like k-pop. I mean, I’m all for respecting artists and stuff, but fans shouldn’t blindly follow artists.

    Like I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan and a huge Directioner, but I don’t rip out other people in comment sections.

    But anyways, that’s not what this post was about. I actually liked this tons girllllllll!!! Keep Rocking!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, toxic stans. . . that’s one part all fandoms need to change about.
      I listen to pop casually, and I don’t go HATE on it. I respect everyones taste in music. So yep.

      Also yeah tysm for showing love to this post even though you aren’t a K-pop fan!!

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  5. I really think that all kpop haters will atleast respect them after they read this !!! Thanks geet for explaining it so well and I am so proud of you, I really need to show this to my friends to make them understand this !!! Amazing post, ❤

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  6. Okay, I actually sorta agree with some of this post!! Not all of it, but that’s all right- like you’ve said, we’ve all got opinions!! ;D
    Definitely on board with the high quality music videos- they’re just *chef’s kiss*. I absolutely A D O R E the How You Like That and As If It’s Your Last music videos, though I’ve gotta say that some pop artists like Dua Lipa have top notch music videos too. Dua Lipa’s music video for Break My Heart is still one of my faves!
    I’m super super glad for this posts- so many K-Pop artists and their fans are labelled and judged unnecessarily. You go, Geet!! ❤
    stay sticky,

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  7. I’m more of a pop person and the only thing I have to say is ARMY is obsessed!!
    I saw a person getting a plastic surgery to get a skin like them….*flawless* what they call it to be….but skin is the artists choice….so I won’t trigger much of this….
    K-Pop isn’t bad as a genre, neither are the artists and hell I respect them.
    It’s just the fandom that’s insanely obsessed and at a point where they are considering artists to be “GOD”.

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    1. ARMY, well yes a teensy bit obsessed. But ARMY and BTS have teh best bonds. We do protect our faves, I mean every fan will right?
      Also I think you are talking about Oli London, he was too insecure about his own looks and that’s why he got some 27 (or more) surgeries trying to look like Jimin from BTS. Well, he just needs help….instead of hate.
      I respect pop artists as well! I don’t hate them or anything. Idk why K-pop fans get hate. Hate for showing love to their faves? Isn’t that what fans are for?
      Also, yep, all fandoms have toxic stans…and I don’t consider them as GOD but I have a lot of love and respect for them, it’s the fandoms thing, many people don’t get it unless they actually become a part of the fandom lol.

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      1. Before i go on, let me mention I didn’t mention HATE in previous comment.
        BTS fans aren’t disliked because they like their faves, they are disliked because they compare artists and sometimes go crazyyyy when other people don’t like them…
        (Not all fans, I’ll mention it before u do, Peace Out)

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    2. NOOOO I DIDN’T MEAN that you mentioned hate. Many people hate him cuz of what he’s tryna do, I didn’t mean that you mentioned hate okay.
      Aaack but after what Grammys did to BTS, ARMY was hella angry…..
      It was kinda like, they used BTS for views…
      Also yeah, I know all fans arent the same, there are toxic fans. Not only in K-pop but also in pop there are some fans who compare their faves to BTS
      Like they say Eminem is better than BTS and what not
      Same thing round right?

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      1. Oh, I get it!
        That’s not really a good thing to do…
        Yep, the only thing different with BTS is that their toxic fanbase has started to represent them, so whenever you think of ARMY, you remember that friend who cursed you just because you didn’t like their song😂

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    3. Majority of ARMY is not toxic, but as a whole, we are disliked in the kpop community more than any other fandom.
      ARMY is like one of the biggest fandoms, and the kindest, unless you go insult their faves in front of ’em
      I mean, they go protective, don’t all fans do?
      Uhm, I don’t really think that’s true lol. Whatever, but the ARMY’s I know so far, none of them curse at people for not liking BTS’ song.
      And also as I said before, this is my way of looking at K-pop. You have your own way, I can’t change that, nor can you change mine, so yep-

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