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Results of first prompt+Voting for 2nd prompt

Check this out!
I participated, and I feel all of these poems are amazing!!
Vote for your favorite poem y’all!! Feel free to vote for any poem ^^
Byeeeee <33

Krisha's Twilight!⭐️

Hey guys! This post going to be long again so let’s just get started with it!

Thank you so much to all of the 23 people who have voted! Thanks!!! 🤗

Here are the results-(I won’t be putting the points of those who have not submitted)

Anushka – 10 points

Maggie– 8 points

Rayna– 4 points

Inaya – 2 points

So those are the voting results of the second prompt! Congrats Anushka, you got the maximum points!🥳 I loved all of those poems!

Now to the poems I got for the second prompt-

The prompt was Father’s day if you peeps forgot

Maggie’s poem-

Anushka’s Poem-

Geet’s poem-

Taught me how to walk,
Told me ‘You always rock!’
Always, he had my back,
Never let my days be blue and black.
Dad, used to be my superhero,
Never let be on level zero.
Made memories, sad and happy,

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