Happy Birthday Grandfather

Lilies! You made it to this post! 😂💜As you can see, it’s my grandfathers’ birthday today!! So as usual I’ll write poetry. It’s kinda occasional now- I hope he likes it and you all do to ^^

Granddad, you’re a super-man,
If you can’t fix it, no one can,
You help out when we say you shouldn’t
You sometimes do things we couldn’t!

Thank you for always being there,
With all your love and so much care!
I wish you a happy birthday,
May lots of love come your way!

You’re kind and funny and sometimes you get mad,
But it stops me and my sister from acting so bad,
From picking me up from school to holding me in your lap,
You do anything and everything to reduce the generation gap.

I appreciate those efforts a lot!
And I’ll be sure to remember everything you taught,
You’re my friend and my guide,
Someone who’s always been by my mother’s side.

So by your side I will always stay,
And I hope you are always happy and will pray,
That you live a happy life ahead,
Don’t forget to take those pills before you go to bed!

I love you so much, you’ll never know,
It’s because I probably never had the courage to show,
Through this poem, I hope you understand how much I love you,
Grandfathers like you, are very few.

I consider myself blessed!
And I hope I don’t get you stressed,
On this day, you turn seven plus seventy
The favors you do, silently~
Wanted to say that I appreciate them a lot
Thank you for all the happiness to us, you always got ^^

That’s it, I could make this poem go on forever
I didn’t want to end it, never
I guess I’ll have to end it here,
Just remember, to me, you are very dear!


Okay why is that so cute 😭

Byeeeeeeeee <33

26 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Grandfather

  1. Woww..! What a marvelous poem!! You are really kind hearted soul my dear..! Such a wonderful and heart touching piece..! Happy birthday to your grandfather..! He so lucky to have a granddaughter like you.! Excellent write my dear friend..! Enjoy..!🤗🤗

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  2. Yasssss poetryyy finally! I waited till eternity for your poem T_T
    I love your other posts as well and your blog truly is the revolution but ahh the good old poetry of yours~
    A very happy birthday to your grandad! This poem was written to perfection, I loved it so much and I’m sure he did too! Wish Him from my side 😀
    Keep writing dear, this poem was superb… expecting more amazing stuff from u!
    Love, Sid 😘💜💜💜💜💜

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    1. Yeah I hadn’t written much until rn 😂
      I might post one on 13th stay tuned 🥳
      Aww you’re so sweet, and I’ll wish him from your side for sure 💕
      Yes now I’ll focus more on poetryy over tags and awards 😄
      The problem is that I loose a track of awards I’m nominated for so yeah 😂😂

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