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A poem to someone I lost~ (Collab with Saumya from Draw-Write-Inspire)

Hi y’all!

This post isn’t going to be very cheerful since it is a poem to my grandmother, whom I lost, two years ago. She passed away due to cancer, and I miss her :c

The poem does contain some BTS song references. So I’mma state that before anyone tells me I’ve copied. I just used to references in a different way, I hope you understand 😀

Don’t forget to stick till the end for a surprise!

Also this is a collab with Saumya from Draw-Write-Inspire! She is a very sweet person, and helped me decide on the topic! Thank you Saumya! Don’t forget to check her post! You will find it linked here.

I don’t think this poem actually makes you feel how I felt. But I hope you still read it 🖤

So let’s see what Geet has for you, shall we?


Everything starts to lose its place

When you loose someone you can’t replace

You feel sad, and everything’s blue,

Has it happened to you? It happened to me too.

It’s hard, writing this,

‘Cause I have someone I truly miss.

My grandmother, so kind, so selfless,

Always having my back, clearing all my mess.

Taught me a lot, she really did,

My favourite person as a kid.

She passed away due to cancer, it’s really sad.

Why? It makes me mad.

I hope she’s in a better place,

And she’s the one I couldn’t replace.

This poem, I know, doesn’t make you feel,

Whatever this is, it’s fricking real.

Questions in my head, it’s turned grey,

Granny, why couldn’t you just stay?

I should have spent more time,

I feel like I’ve committed a crime,

Should have made more memories with you,

Don’t you think so too?

Are you reading this? Are you still there?

I miss your love and care.

I miss your presence, scent, and so much more

You were one in a crore.

I’m sorry, I can’t help it,

Now I just have a photo of you to deal with.

Caught in a frame, a precious memory,

Do you feel how much you meant to me?

You left me, but I never stopped thinking about you,

Not even a day, not even two.

Your last words to me,

“Go study,”

I will, don’t you worry,

And that can wait, don’t you hurry,

Last question-

Do you remember me?


Aah okay, I hope no one is crying. I know it isn’t the best poem ever.

So a part of our collabs was making a sign-off for each other, you can go check the sign off I made for Saumya on her blog! And you’ll find the one she made for me below!

Take care, stay safe, drink enough water and get some rest if you have to!

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Wanna chat in the comments? Sure! I love talking to, bring out any random topics in the comments y’all!



48 thoughts on “A poem to someone I lost~ (Collab with Saumya from Draw-Write-Inspire)

  1. Hi, Lili! I’m Chloe, found you from Saumya’s blog, and came over to check out your poem!
    I’ve had losses too and I’ve always wondered that same question.
    Don’t worry, your grandma is in a wonderful place, and you’ll get to be with her again someday. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. T_T
    You know I cry very easily right?
    Lili, this poem was so touching and heart breaking… its incredible how you can express your emotions through poetry
    Beautifully written, Keep Writing more wonderful poems 😀
    I too hope that your grandma is having a peaceful life in another place~ 🙏🎗

    Liked by 1 person

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