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All About Me Contest Entry 💙

Helloo! First off I’d like to thank you for visiting this site and always supporting me!!

Next, thank you to Betty for nominating me! I really appreciate it. Go check her blog out! I think it’s absolutely fab and y’all should participate.


  1. Make a post in your blog, thank the person who nominated you and provide the link to post for this competition by that person and the blog of that person
  2. Link back to the original post
  3. Add the competition logo and (optional) any image that you have made for this!
  4. Describe yourself in an creative way, you can write a poem, story, etc.
  5. Nominate a few more people or you want, you can keep it as an open contest!
  6. Have FUN!
  7. Please note: if you make your post before 1st September and link back to the original post, you have a chance to get a online medal and a certificate of participation for your name! If not, you can add the following image in your blog as a certificate!-

Note – This post was written on the 2nd of August at 12:12 am

Yeah I don’t like sleep.

So I made a song/poetry 😂 Call it whatever you want and I recorded myself singing it as well! I think you might have heard the tune because it’s inspired. So yeah.

Also WordPress is hard to use on phone 😭. I mean I’m editing this post from a phone so eh. You can’t expect me to get a laptop at 12 am 💀🤡

I just realised that my mom might read this post and will kill me for being awake, but what can I do, I’m a night person 😂😪

Anyways let’s see the song I wrote 🎵

Hello y’all I run a blog
I’ve been called insignificant too, (someone actually called me that :’)
I always prefered cats over a dog,
I absolutely love what I do!

I go by the name Lili,
Just another person here,
Don’t expect me to not be silly,
I’m the same person as you, dear!

People think that I like to obsess
Over older Korean guys, (They just don’t get it 😭)
They think I make their life a mess, (I mean, how?)
Always judge and criticize 🙄

Some people think I’m jobless,
Or I beg for sympathy, (yeah, legit)
And trust me I couldn’t care less,
There’s one and only me!

I know how to value anyone I meet
I love myself a lot
And yes, my name is Geet!
Poetry seems fun

That’s why I do it always,
It helps me in the long run,
My talent always stays 😸

It’s 11:58 pm that im writing this piece,
My brain just functions better at night,
There’s so much silence and peace!

Just think and write and think and write and think and write,
Be sensible, be myself are things I live by,
I hope this song tells you all about me,
Lets be friends, an amazing adventure you’ll see!!

Okay so that was the end of this entry!

Darn it’s 12:30 am 😱 I have school tomorrow 😭. Gahh idk when I’m gonna post this…

All the things in this entry are true 😭 I wanted to add more but eh.

Yasss I’m quirky at times 🤪 Aren’t we all?

I’m keeping this as an open contest so yeahhh.

I hope you’re having an amazing day, be sure to eat and hydrate plenty, you matter, I love you, take care and stay safe!

I had too much work left and I completely forgot about this :c


24 thoughts on “All About Me Contest Entry 💙

  1. WOW! It’s soo soo cool! Ur the most creative girl in our grade [actually school]. I’ll call it a poem, cuz it rhymed really really well!

    My brain is at it’s fullest at 12 too! I mostly do all my projects in the night 😂
    Really loved it! This post made my day! Keep Writing!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Someone called you insignificant? HOW RUDE!!!!! I hope you punched them!

    We are so different – my brain cannot function well after 11PM. I force it to but then I just make a lot of mistakes. 😀 😀

    Very cute poem!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ikr, it’s rude 😭 I didn’t have the chance to punch them 👀

      Everyone in my family can’t work at night but apparently I’m an exception 🤸‍♀️

      Aww thank youu 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow nice! These words rhyme too well! It’s a beautiful poem!(I’ll consider it as a poem, that’s fine right?) I am really obsessed with your poems! They are so good!😅😊
    And a correction- you had to add the certificate image with the rules like I had. Great post, keep it up!!

    Liked by 2 people

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