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🖤 It’s been five years! 💗+Collab with a Blink!

Blinks reading this post! It’s been five years since BLACKPINK debuted!! I can’t believe this oh my god!!

And did y’all see Jisoo’s instagram update? If not then look

BLACKPINK's Jisoo goes blonde ahead of 5th debut anniversary | K-pop Movie  News - Times of India
She looks so gorgeous!!! I love Jisoo so much <33

I’ve been a fan of BLACKPINK for around 2 years-ish now. I don’t really remember so eh.
They were the first group that got me into K-pop so they hold a special place in my heart!!

I remember watching the “Kill this Love” M/V and I was like “Who are these girls? They’re so talented and beautiful!!” and I remember singing the “ram-pa-pam-pa-pam” part and laughing so much.

Kill this Love M/V has my favourite outfits!!

BLACKPINK's "Kill This Love" Video Sets YouTube Record
I personally love Rosé’s outfit! And her hair omg 😭👌✨

Now answering questions y’all might want to ask kekekekewk

Bias – Jennie! But I’m OT4 okay 😭

Plsss she’s cute 💕

Bias wrecker – Jisoo!

𝐬𝐞𝐥 no Twitter: "BLACKPINK | Lovesick Girls MV desktop wallpapers Kim  Jisoo set 3 | for free use I vote #BLACKPINK for #TheGroup on this year's  People's Choice Awards #PCAs @BLACKPINK #LovesickGirls #
Like look at her, killing us with her charm </33

Favourite Song – Hope Not, preferably the Japanese version!

palpasa pandey (palpasa236) - Profile | Pinterest

Yeah I think let’s stop before there’s too many pictures. Lmao.

One thing I liked the most is that now BLACKPINK is on WeVerse! They replied to so many fan posts on the first day hahah.
They have been the best literally. Even though I’d prefer BTS over them, they’ve motivated me to study hard. And I have a theory for that lmao.

Study hard = Get a job = Earn money = Be in the concert with them!

Blackpink concert tickets and merchandise are hella expensive

I knowww I might not meet them, I might not achieve what I want because they’ll probably disband the day I’m 18. But hey, it’s the motivation that matters (:


So, because this is special to me, I wrote poetry! It’s a small collab with Ira! Y’all seriously need to motivate her to post okay it’s been months since she hasn’t posted please TvT

So here goes Ira’s poem! Find my poem on her blog <33


It’s finally been five years!!
They have come so far, I’m almost in tears 😭
I love all their songs, my favorite is hope not,
And I love their cover of the song so hot.

My bias is Lisa and bias wrecker is Jennie,
When I try to rap their parts, I start laughing like crazy. (I cannot rap 😂)
Rose and Jisoo’s voices are so melodious,
Their high notes sound so precious!

I can’t wait for what comes next,
I’ll be spamming the song lyrics through text.
What a happy journey it’s been, and I wish them luck for more,
Amazing vocals and raps, coming from those four.



Yayyy! Loved the collab <33

Now time for some edits I madeee!!! I made these during my vacations because I wanted to pass time and I saw these on the internet and decided to try ’em out so weeeeee

And for OT4 Stans!!! Hereee

I love the Ddu-du-ddu-du photoshoot a lot!

Since I love it so much I rapped the D4 parts!! Lisa and Jennie. My vocals are a bit *ahem*

And yes I was rapping along to them because my confidence alone could never 😭✋

Sooo find me rapping those two parts here!! | Jennie’s Rap | Lisa’s Rap |

Yeeah I’m not the best but I’ll always improve <33

That’s the end of this post and we reached 150 followers!! 🥳🥳

Yayyyy! Thank you so much and I welcome all the new Lilies!! I hope we all become friends UwU

Me and my edits are on the next level [Aespa fans y’all get that?]

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