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Yayyyy!!! Thank youu

Y’all remember when I told you to vote for me? If no, this was that post.

I’m the Author of the Week! Readers Choice for the first week of August!! Thank you soo much everyone!!

I’d like to thank Anisha for voting with like 10 different accounts. Anisha is literally the best <33

She has been really supportive and nice to me, and has the most awesome personality.
As a way of saying thank you, can you all please please please follow her? It’ll mean so much to both of us!! 🥺🥺💜


I’m almost done with my song cover! I just need to edit it and I’ll put it up <33

If you missed my post of Ask me Anything, then I’ve linked it and you can view it! And drop in a comment with your questions 😀

I wrote more poetry!!! It’s coming up soon (because my lazy arse doesn’t want to type it) and I figured out a topic for the blogging series which will start on Sunday! Every Sunday a new post until I run out of ideas 😂😂

Again a big thank you to everyone who supported me, especially Anisha, I mean she deserves a lot of credit but I don’t know what else could I do 😭

Go support her blog, pleasee 🥺💕

Thank you if you followed her/liked her posts!
She’s a new person to this blogging community and I really love how informative her blog is <33

And look here
I’m nationwide 4th! Just because of all of y’all 🤍✨

If you want to help me earn more points, simply like and leave a few comments on all my posts on Story Mirror.

I’ll link my profile here.


29 thoughts on “Yayyyy!!! Thank youu

  1. CONGRATS LILI!! U DESERVED ALL OF IT! UR NATIONWIDE 4TH AND THAT’S A BIG ACHIEVMENT! Thank you for promoting my blog! We may fight sometimes, or our thoughts won’t match, but I will always be there for you 25/8. Thank you for the appreciation! You really earned your way and I’m super duper proud of you! CONGRATS ONCE AGAIN!! Keep Writing <33333

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