🌊Saving the Fragile Serenity

BREAKING NEWS – Watch blogger Lili, post a poem after 2000 years of making her followers wait.


Close your eyes,
Imagine a river,
Gushing down by,
A fragile serenity.

The sound of the river,
So soothing to the ear,
But does that happen in reality?
The answer is no,

Easy to imagine, hard to make it real
These days even getting out of bed is made a big deal!
I don’t know what’s happened to people here,
And if we don’t save the environment right now,
There is LOADS to fear…

It’s because we’ve taken rivers for granted,
When they gave us all we wanted,
It’s time to give back,
Time to remove that blue and black.

Let’s educate people,
Stop saying, and start doing.
Saying is only going to-
Ruin the already ruined.

I know, we can do this,
Hand in hand let’s come,
I have hope, I know you do too!
And this could be fun!

It’s now or never
We have to be clever,
Let’s save the fragile serenity.
Let’s make that river flow in the bank of our city!

Animals are suffering, and we’re just muted,
Doesn’t it hurt our pride to clean the polluted?
The fault is ours, so we have to fix it,
Don’t just stay muted and sit!

The world needs you,
It starts with you,
You hold the future so,
Take a chance and make a change~


Yay, finally. I’m so sorry for the long wait </33 Now I’ll be posting more poems and less randomness 😂😂 

Behind the Poem – This was originally written for a project and was meant to be a song.

I hope you liked it! I’d also like mention an environment saver in the blogosphere!

-Naomi: The first ever environment lover, saver everything (blogger) I met so far! She’s the sweetest and always drops the best comments, I highly recommend y’all checking her blog out <33
She’s really passionate of what she does and has the most beautiful blog!

Also y’all really need to slow down with the follows. I haven’t even celebrated for 100-
Not y’all making it almost 200 💀 Wait, I don’t have too many ideas- 😭 Ily anyway so-

IG credits to conscioussisterhood uploaded by star jelly ☆

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22 thoughts on “🌊Saving the Fragile Serenity

  1. Amazing post, Lili! It’s such a beautiful poem, with a wonderful message and it’s just… wow.
    Your poems are always so very beautiful, and I look forward to all your posts… no seriously, if I see a post from Lili’s Not-So-Secret Diary I get so excited hehe.
    And aww, thanks for the mention! Made my day!
    Well anywho, I’ve got a lot to do today… so, once again, such a wonderful post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy you liked it <33
      Aww, really? That means so much to me 😭💕
      No problem! Good luck with all the work you've got and have an awesome day! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment :DD

      Liked by 2 people

  2. BTW, We all would LOVE to hear you sing this song!! You have a beautiful voice, and your charm would add to this song!! Looking forward to hearing it!

    Plsss don’t say no

    Plsss 🥺

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Ahh the good old poetry- the nostalgia rn is just 😭 (Drama queen returns)
    Whether you return with a poem ( or song) after 2000 years or the next day.. they’ll always be beautiful just like you!!
    OMG did you really write this? Wait why am I shocked- Of course you did! No one but you can express each word so well. Too good ree
    Okay my most favorite poem of yours until now was ‘People I’ve been influenced by’ (I love all your poems sm tho) But now it changed I guess- Its this one!!
    Keep writing my dear! *Is in the mood for reading more poems and shuffles through your old poems on this blog*
    <333333333333 ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, the good old poetry 😩😂
      Aw, you’re prettier though
      Of course I wrote it lmao 😂😂 I’m sure there’s more talented people out there ahahah
      Wow, I never expected my followers to have a favourite, guess I was wrong OwO
      Thank you💕

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Ahhh.. The BEST thing I came across today, beautiful song.. feels as if a river ITSLEF is speaking… Good Job! Loved it!! Keep Writing ❤

    Also idts you have much time, your follows will reach 200 in about a week. SO BE PREPARED FOR OUR SURPRISE!!

    Liked by 2 people

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