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Introducing~A.R.M.Y Diary!

Hewo! I'm so so excited to share that me and a few A.R.M.Y bloggers from around the world have finally started up a website! Yes! A collab website and I cannt express how happy I feel because this fandom makes me feel literally everything 😂💜 So I'm just gonna leave a link here - https://adiaryof7armys.wordpress.com/… Continue reading Introducing~A.R.M.Y Diary!

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Voice Reveal a.k.a Answering your questions!

Hey Lilies! How are you? How was your day? Are you eating well? Are you sleeping well? Is there anything you'd like to tell me? 😭💕 I love you all so much! I finally overcame my insecurity about my voice and am posting this recording! I hope this did not bore you and you enjoyed… Continue reading Voice Reveal a.k.a Answering your questions!

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I wrote a Rap? Pt2 ft Sneha 🎶

_________________________________________________ Hey hey hey,We'll be presenting on movies and space,In the vast universe is where it takes place,So get ready to have some fun.Our presentation will leave everyone stunned! First up comes gravity,It's what makes up most of reality,This movie has an amazing plot,Ahead, you'll see what it's got. Second up comes The Martian,It's about Mars and a stranded person,Focuses on… Continue reading I wrote a Rap? Pt2 ft Sneha 🎶