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I wrote a Rap? Pt2 ft Sneha 🎶


Hey hey hey,
We’ll be presenting on movies and space,
In the vast universe is where it takes place,
So get ready to have some fun.
Our presentation will leave everyone stunned!

First up comes gravity,
It’s what makes up most of reality,
This movie has an amazing plot,
Ahead, you’ll see what it’s got.

Second up comes The Martian,
It’s about Mars and a stranded person,
Focuses on space farming and biology,
Including chemistry and ideology!

Next up comes Mission Mangal,
Everyones favourite one,
I agree mars is again, so cool,
Some parts are totally fun!

Y’all might now the movie Interstellar,
Yes they fly to Saturn which is very very far,
Lot’s of new planets you’ll get to know about,
And the plot will leave you stunned! Without a doubt.

Yea now its time, time to wrap up,
And soon we’ll be starting,
Our presentation on movies and space,
That you will definitely be liking! 


Yay that’s another poem done! I’ve been lowkey productive in terms of poetry and I’m so happy about it!

Behind the Rap/Poem – Me and Sneha wrote this at 12 AM for a physics project. Some of my poems are mainly written for projects lmao TwT We also recorded ourselves rapping it for the sake of the presentation, but posting it here would mean a face reveal and *sobs* I’m not ready for that yet.

Face reveal when we reach 23802640132327981238207 followers. Yes a very specific number, isn’t it? 😂

Sneha is an amazing, beautiful, pretty, awesome, stunning, spectacular, remarkable, mind-blowing, awe-inspiring *exhausts vocabulary* sensational and extraordinary blogger✨

Woah that was a lot wasn’t it Check out her post here!

You could count this as a collab because yes (:

All of those movies we wrote about are really awesome (*demands to be paid for promoting Insterstellar, Gravity, The Martian and Mission Mangal*) and you all have to watch them. For the last part of the collab I designed sign offs for both of us! And the featured image is made by Sneha, isn’t she like the greatest editor alive? Donate some skills Sneha :oo

How are you guys? Do you like movies? Are you eating, sleeping, drinking (water of course lmao) and getting proper rest? 
I hope you are safe because you're an awesome person dealing with everything that's going on in the world. I love you so much <33
Take care Lilie!

19 thoughts on “I wrote a Rap? Pt2 ft Sneha 🎶

  1. 12 AM is such a great timing for all sorts of revelations: be it inspirations or thoughts 😂
    Setting that aside, this was an intergalactic masterpiece! Props off to both of you for coming up with this cool piece 😎👏🏼

    Can’t wait for more raps like this!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. THIS RAP BLEW ME OUT OF THIS WORLLDDDDD INTO SPACEEEEE (i’m tryna relate it to space since this was written for a space project lmbo)
    I loved the featured image and the signoffs!
    My friends are really talented omg!
    I still remember your project presentation that day, it was really good!
    I could watch it all over again lol
    Waiting for more fabulous raps like this one ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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