Happy Birthday Tim!

Before I start with the usual traditions (poetry lmao😂 *realises I spoiled it*) let me give you a perspective of who Tim is from my view <33

Tim is a person whom I met online, around half a year ago. We’ve practically became wives of each other best friends, and can’t live without each other.

Tim is smart, pretty, funny, has the best comebacks and she’s my free dictionary 😭✋

And you know what? She’s turning 13 today!!! I’m so mad that she’s turning thirteen before I am, but let’s not-

Here’s a small card I made :> Tim if you’re reading this, spare a like 😂😌✋


friendship goals on fleek 😌✋
Before I start the poem. Keep in mind its written for a bff and it's completely crack but you know what? If you sing the first four lines in the tune of Butter by BTS, it fits so well 😂😂💀
Now that you have a warning, you may proceed-
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Tim, I love you (as a friend, wife everything)
And I know that you love me too, 😂
But today I did the math,
I can prove to you I love you more than that- (no one did any math dw 💀)

You’re always gonna be my wife,
For the rest of my life, (maybe even 10 lives 👀)
And remember we’ll be meetin’
When we’re sixteenn!

I’ll still love you,
When your jokes aren’t funny,
I’ll still love you,
Even when you have no money 😂😂💀 (Sis, we broke dw)

To see you upset and wanting to cry,
Makes me feel like, I wanna die,
You’ve always been there for me,
That’s why I’ll always be there for you, see?

I forgot to write something for your birthday, (sorry oml 😭)
So here I am, at 2 am writing this on a weekday,
I have school, might get sued for not waking up, I don’t care,
It’s your 13th birthday, oh and we make a great pair😉 (totally not hitting on you)

Eat lots of cake, don’t make me come there to shove it in your mouth,
And I hope you still don’t think I’m 40, or do you still have that doubt?-
Come onlineeee, you’re leaving me concerned now,
How did you survive without talking to me for 3 days, HOW?

Happy Birthday once again,
Turning old might be a pain, (ahsjdhad what am I doing)
I hope to see you soon, and then we’ll go to Korea together,
Spend money till we’re broke, and then probably stay there forever😂💜

Have the best day!! <33 Happy Thirteenth!!

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I hope you didn’t get a stroke while reading this. Please, it’s good for a 2 am poem though.

Come on 😪😔✋

before my crackheadness takes over, i'll be ending this post, so take care of yourselves and the loved ones around you :DD drink plenty of water and eat well okay? Or else 🔪🔪

byeeeee <33
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22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Tim!

    1. what’s even funnier is that she thought i was 40
      …….. *awkward silence*
      Ahahah, I came up with that because I originally was trying to make it into a song so~~
      Ended up not doing it 😂👍

      Liked by 2 people

    You’ve written a great poem!! It really fits the tune of butter!
    I hope Tim likes it too (like everyone did) and now she’s a teen! So congrats!

    PS – How do you wake up after writing a poem at 2 am?🧐

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Birthday Tim!! Aka My godmother XD ❤ ❤
    Bro even tho you wrote this at 2 am, this couldn't have been written any better!! The fact that you can come up with a poem quickly-
    I loved this one sm!! It fit the tune of butter lol, I bet Tim would love this too!
    Tim pls come online and read this beautiful poem ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy 13th Birthday Tim! (Even if I don’t even know you), I hope you have an amazing birthday!
    And also nice poem Lili, it exudes Crackhead energy and I’m living for it lol:)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy birthday Tim!!💙
    Lillyyyy you’re literally such a sweet friend, I would cry if I got this on my birthday😭
    and your letter reminds me of a book I read xD (not saying which one)
    That card is SO PRETTTYYY!! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WordPress put this in spam oml 💀 I apologize 😭
      Awwnn, thank you! Tim loved it hehe 💙
      oouuh weow (I’m not much of a book person so 😭)
      Thank youu! I loved how ✨a e s t h e t i c✨ it turned out to be 😂💀

      Liked by 2 people

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