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Introducing~A.R.M.Y Diary!

Hewo! I’m so so excited to share that me and a few A.R.M.Y bloggers from around the world have finally started up a website! Yes! A collab website and I cannt express how happy I feel because this fandom makes me feel literally everything 😂💜

So I’m just gonna leave a link here – https://adiaryof7armys.wordpress.com/

It’s run by seven people part of the fandom!

Show it some 사랑 (love) 💜

The site shall be fully edited and ready to be run soon!! 🥨 Please give it a follow 🥺💜

I hope you A.R.M.Ys from around the world enjoy our content!

That’s it, byee!!

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19 thoughts on “Introducing~A.R.M.Y Diary!

  1. woo 7 BTS members- and 7 members who run the blog!!
    Congrats!! I checked it out, It looks cute <33
    I love the introduction each of you gave ❤ and this was a really good idea!

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