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Blogtober Post #31 – Wrapping up with Blogtober!

Hello, hello! First of all - Oh my god I cannot believe that we made it through all the 31 days of October!! This was so fun, though I do not plan on doing it next year because Offline School 💪🏼😭Running out of post ideas 🏃My mom (kinda) getting tired of me because I chose… Continue reading Blogtober Post #31 – Wrapping up with Blogtober!

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Blogtober Post #30 – Travel Trip 🧳🚎

Heyyo awesome people! How have you been? Do you have any plans for vacations? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!! Do let me know! So today I was travelling the whole day. I woke up at around 6 (or 5:30-ish idk) and we had booked a car which would take us 172… Continue reading Blogtober Post #30 – Travel Trip 🧳🚎

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Blogtober Post #28 – Reacting to your cliffhangers on Post 1 🍭

Hello Lilies! I hope you've been doing amazing, here is me reacting to all of your cliffhangers on my very first post of Blogtober! Free voice reveal? Yess of course. If you are new to the website, Blogtober was a challenge I gave myself, which was to post on every single day of October and… Continue reading Blogtober Post #28 – Reacting to your cliffhangers on Post 1 🍭

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Blogtober Post #25 – Comfort Poem 🥺💜

Heylo! I wrote another poem! It's basically a bit motivating and upifting and I hope you enjoy reading it. This is officially a poem I'm going to be reading when I need some motivation. Those taunts you've been dealing with 24/7, They don't know you could make a situation like hell your heaven, Or even… Continue reading Blogtober Post #25 – Comfort Poem 🥺💜