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I don’t know nan molla (Blogtober Post #1) 🍦

Here’s from were the title came from

Yeah I didn’t know what title to give. It’s literally 11 pm, I’m buried in this oversized jacket, how do you expect me to come up with a title? 😶

Anyway, here’s a short story, if anyone wishes to continue it in the comments, please do! I’d love it if one of my followers took it ahead!
It was actually a prompt line thing, soo the prompt line is highlighted in bold! I have one exciting collab coming up soon (maybe soon or maybe not, cuz I’m stuck somewhere yeah. And I’ll be writing exams in eighteen days so-)
Anyway, read it already, it’s just 250 words so won’t really hurt you, I hope.

We were just about to board the plane when we heard a gunshot. I jumped out of my skin and turned to see everyone on their knees, there were screams and terrified faces all around.
"All passengers about to board Flight 15, which is set to reach Korea, please-"
It was cut, the announcement was cut off, with a short scream.
"Listen-" boomed the microphone, I was shook. "This airport has been taken under our control, if your countries deny to pay us our demands, we will shoot each one of you."
I was terrified. My parents had trusted me to go on a flight all alone, and now this? I'd never be left alone again, was I ever going to get out of here?
Everyone around me looked horrified, of course, no one had been under a terrorist attack before. I had my phone clutched tightly. I could make a call, that would probably save my life.
I slowly unpocketed my phone, with some hope.
"Mom, help, fast. There's this whole terrorist attack at the airport, switch on the TV, FAST!"
"Lili, are you-"
The phone was dead. I didn't have enough battery remaining. Could I just die already?
Oh wait, I take that back. I'm under a terrorist attack.
I heard footsteps behind me and saw a man, with a gun in his pocket and a metal rod in his hand. He had spotted me, I was doomed.
"I promise I-"
I fell unconscious on the floor.

Yay! The joy of ending stories with cliff hangers is just you know right?

My goals are beyond your understanding, humans 😂💀

My favourite part – The phone was dead. I didn’t have enough battery remaining. Could I just die already? Oh wait, I take that back. I’m under a terrorist attack.

I nearly died writing that, (Tim helped me with it!). As I said before, Tim is my free dictionary and yesss she helped me make this story so much better!

Soo, what do you think about it? If you ever feel like continuing it, please do!! Either tag me in your post, or tag this post or you know what? Just put it in the comments because I’d love to hear where you take this unfinished story to!

Yess I might be doing the ‘Blogtober’ challenge! Happy October!

Lili seriously? You have exams, you’re supposed to be studying and not doing all this. Go to sleep already.

Yeah I can hear that coming from Tim and my mom. But, you know what? This is my Rule #1 –

📌 Don’t listen to anyone. 😂😂

Okay I should be going to sleep because I have a LOT piled up at the moment, so as usual take care of yourselves, and remember to eat and hydrate plenty! I love you all sm okayyyy? Byeeee 💜

positive reminders

Leave pretty comments! 💜

24 thoughts on “I don’t know nan molla (Blogtober Post #1) 🍦

  1. “I woke up in a few hours later surrounded by seven men. They were on the same plane as I was. They kept staring me as if I were an artifact. Then I remembered the reason why I was flying to Korea. To see the Bangtan Boys. And I was seeing them now.”

    This is Bangtan Version, which, I know, is totally bonkers and totally unrealistic. But what if. BUT WHAT IF.
    I tried, though. I don’t know, nan molla.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omgg the moment I read “seven men” I realised 😂😂💜
      WHAT IF :O i wouldnt say “omg im gonna faint-” FORGET FAINTING IM GONNA GET A PICTURE IF THAT HAPPENS 💀
      This was totally unexpected I love it

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Scary stories ain’t my thing… Especially if they end in cliffhangers!
    So please don’t take my opinion, but, I’d end with something like this –

    When I got up, I was bundled aboard a plane to somewhere. “Ehhheee, sorry folks, if that bit of air turbulence was uncomfortable,” came a voice over some speaker. “The plane will land in Seoul Airport in forty-five minutes if no more turbulence occurs.”
    Wait, what? I looked at the seat in front of me, where some movie was playing.
    It all came back in a rush.
    I was watching a scary movie I probably should not have picked, and it gave me nightmares. Such a kid.
    Oh well, at least it was only a nightmare.
    Suddenly, the plane started going down. Fast.
    Cliffhanger #4!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh my goshh totally something I’d write 😂 Y’all are so good with the cliffhangers I-
      Also why wouldn’t I take your opinion? Like this comment section IS for opinions, soo dww okay I totally love the way you wrote this!
      Scary stories ain’t your thing but hm cliffhangers are? 😂💜 I love it

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Startling awake, I planted my hands on the floor. I was shaking, and my breathing was labored, but I realized in the next moment that my memory was tricking me. The danger was gone. Or… so it appeared. I was propped against the wall in the hallway of what looked like a hotel or apartment building, and no one else was in sight. My head started throbbing, and when I reached up to soothe it, I found my head bandaged up. I began brainstorming, very slowly, the next step to take (or really, not a step at all – just getting up off the floor) when the elevator bell went off. Someone was on my floor, and I was in no condition to fend for myself. I did not expect that the first thing I’d see would be a pair of red stiletto heels planting themselves comfortably into the carpet…

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  4. “I opened my eyes and I was in a dark room..oh wait looks like the luggage compartment of the plane. There was someone standing at the door. “Hey, you probably don’t know this but I’m claustrophobic. I don’t exactly think keeping me here is a good idea”, I said to the guy at the door but I was met with only silence. “Hello?” Still nothing. “Can’t you hear me?”. Slowly, he turned to me. Seeing his face, I gasped.

    That’s it! Another cliffhanger 😂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, I like it! Shall I continue? Here’s a bit more:

      “Wha- Why-” I stumble over words as I stare, already hyperventilating from the cramped space, my breath coming in shallow gasps.
      Because standing before me is my uncle.
      “Lili. Hello.” His scratchy voice is low and taught. “I’m so sorry. I tried to get you to stay. You should never have come to the airport today.”
      “Why?” I breathe, my voice squeaky.
      He starts to answer, but suddenly, there’s a boom.

      Cliffhanger #3!

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Damnnnn Naomi that’s- I’m crying at how good my followers are at writing stories and ending them on cliffhangers 😭✋
        Where does the boom come from? Hm 🤔

        Liked by 2 people

  5. Yay!! Amazing story!! South Koreaaaa let’s fly there.. Awh man exams in 18 days ikr.. The phone was dead. I didn’t have enough battery remaining. Could I just die already? Oh wait, I take that back. I’m under a terrorist attack. – I love this part too :DD
    Very Well Written!! Keep Writing ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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