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Blogtober Post #12 – Jimin’s Birthday! Ft. Sneha 🪐

NOTE – This post was scheduled for earlier, but I was studying, uhhh Chemistry with my awesome sister. So let’s just pretend it’s 12 AM in Korea, thank you.


Hello! It’s currently 12 AM in Korea, and it’s Park Jimin’s birthday! And of course I will post for him, I don’t care if he reads it or not, I’m gonna post anyway 😂

How are you? I hope you’re doing fine! I’m not the best, but will be okayy I hope. That’s a rant post for later heheh 🤡

Anyway! Today Sneha will be featuring in my post! Yesss my fellow A.R.M.Y bestie 😂 The one who will always listen to me rant and has the exact same thoughts as mine and what not, we all love her content so go support her blog!!

First up is the Bias Anthem we both made! I made one for Namjoon as well, so go check it out here if you’re interested!!

My bias is Park Jimin,
We call him mochi too,
He's good at dancing, good at singing,
Good at everything he'll do!

He got no jams, as Namjoon said,
Busy finding them, he thinks its true.
He's a cute mochi, 
Who will cheer you up when youre blue!

Jimin always falls of his chair,
And says that he is shy,
He is the best vocalist!
Minnie is the most chaotic guy.

His iconic lines are "Tony Montana"
and "Lachimolala"
His best friend is Kim Taehyung
With love, ARMYs call him Jimn-ah!

He works hard all day and night,
To satisfy himself and make his fans happy,
He is so precious,
We all love you Jiminie! 

Next up is me attempting to make a moodboard! This is the first time I’m trying to if this fails, don’t come at me 😂😂

I’ve seen LOADS of these, on Tumblr, and I always wanted to try to make one!! I’m finally doing it!! Can’t express how excited I am omgg.

*nearly two hours later after making decisions on placing pictures like her whole life depends on this*


I love the butterfly border I put 😭💜 It fits the aesthetic of my blog so well, doesn’t it?

Yeah this is just me talking to a website. But I’m sure my website will be so proud of me 🥺💜

Check out Sneha’s post here. She tried to do a pink-brown aesthetic theme, which I think fits her blog very well! We tried to do something different, so yay! I loved doing this collab with you, Sneha!

So I guess I gotta go study now again, bye Lilies! Take care of yourselves and stay safe!
Ib if you’re reading this, lets cry over Jimin in the comments 😂😭✨


I made those! Look how talented I am 😎🙄💅😂

27 thoughts on “Blogtober Post #12 – Jimin’s Birthday! Ft. Sneha 🪐

  1. Happyyy Jimin Dayy, Lili!!! Ahhh the Anthem was such a great idea and it actually says who the real Jimin is😂
    But seriously, the moodboard really fits your blog theme because its purple and soooo cute!🥺
    Loved your edits!🤍

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Happy Jimin Day Siya! Thank you! I originally found stuff like that for other groups so I decided to make my versions for BTS!
      Ikr! It took a lot of time, but I love it 💜✨

      Thank you!

      Liked by 2 people

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