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Blogtober Post #17 – Things I’m tired of hearing (rant alert 😫)

Let’s get straight to the post. I’ve been hearing a lot and I mean A LOT these days. So I decided “why not make a post about it?” except for I’m not including the offensive stuff because-


Note – I’m, not trying to be rude or blame anyone here, it’s just for the sake of expressing my feelings as a random person on the internet, so you don’t always have to agree with everything I say.

Anyway, first up on the list is

💜 “You’re CrAzY”

+ Hmm, explains why you’re texting me 🤨🤨🤨 You like my craziness don’t you? If you say “no” (which I can imagine a few people saying) then-

💜 “You have no friends”

+ Or maybe you just don’t see them 🤷 🤷 and for the record, the lesser friends you have, the more prioritized you are 😌 You know how to give time, and whom to give time to-
How do you know I don’t have friends? Okay, maybe I don’t, and what about it? Why so concerned about me? Hmm? 🤨
Advice credits – My sister 💃💃

💜 “Don’t come at me but I don’t like K-pop-“

+ No I won’t come at you unless you go out there and insult my faves 😒😒 That too for some stupid reason. Seriously, get a proper reason to hate on them… I might tell you to check out a few songs though.

💜 “You’re too young to understand”

+ Maybe I am, but let me tell you, I’m gonna be runnning the future… I’m going to be living in this world, making a living, earning by myself so-
Being young ≠ Understanding things
So the faster I learn, maybe the better of a future I make for myself? 🤐 I get it, some exceptional cases exist.. but still.

💜 “Stop the drama”

+ Okay so standing up for myself, and probably having good comebacks is labelled as drama? Since when 😭😭 And if you’re being bothered, please leave! You’re the one enjoying the tea here 😒💀 No one’s asking you to stay *nervous laugh*

💜 “You should know this! You’re literally smart”

+ I’m not told this directly, but it’s said indirectly a lot of times. Like okay I am smart, that doesn’t mean you can’t be smart. That doesn’t mean you can’t find an answer! Learn to be independent and find answers yourself and maybe you’ll have someone to be proud of you 😌✋✨

💜 GrAmMarLy aDvErTiSeMeNtS

+These guys got their advertisements and promotion on a whole new level. It’s so annoying. I swear like, no I have better grammar skills than you, Grammarly. And I’m not willing to pay when I can correct my own grammar, so why don’t you just get out instead of telling me that writing’s not that easy-? It’d be so much better, thank you.

That’s it for this post! What are some things you absolutely HATE hearing? Let me know!

Also the comments on the 15th post are hilarious, I’m literally dying. I need this kind of positivity when I’m gonna be writing an, exam tomorrow 💀 So yep!

33 thoughts on “Blogtober Post #17 – Things I’m tired of hearing (rant alert 😫)

    1. WAITT YOU’RE INTO K-POP TOO? Damn that’s cool what groups do you stan? ^^
      I know right! Annoying. Those ads can go eat unflavoured Cheetos on the edge of Antarctica 🙂

      Thanks! <33

      Liked by 1 person

    1. it’s okay, they think they know you when they actually don’t! They really think that they can use “having no friends as an insult”
      Like please go, shoot yourself into space into a big black hole 😒 Just wanna bring people down… I hate these kind of people. 😣

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Ah I love this post 💜 And you’re absolutely right, “writing is not that easy” I’m like shut up, will you? My English teacher and I myself are enough to correct my grammar. I know grammarly also is a nice thing but those ads are just too annoying

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lmaoo 😂😂 I know, the ad literally speaks out “OMG WE LOVE WRITING ESSAYS BLAH BLAH”
      I get it, you love writing essays, I don’t…. get out 😭

      About the depiction, that was literally me and my friends when we had to write an essay about the ✨history of music✨
      it was the three of us (mainly my poor self doing most of it while the other two argued over some useless stuff) and we had like the best time 😂😂

      Liked by 2 people

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