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Blogtober Post #29 – My Day! ☁️🌱🌏

Hello! Today you’ll be reading how my day was, I had a walk by the river as a part of a school project and it was honestly so fun!! I can’t wait to tell you how it went.

So today, I finished with my exams, and at around 2pm I had to leave (since the place at which we had to report was kinda far) from home with my mom!

I wish I could show you my ‘fit but sadly, I didn’t take any pictures. I was basically wearing black-
Black T-shirt 🍙 🎱
Black slacks 🌚🗑️
Black cap🖤⛓

Lmao- Kinda regretted wearing it when we went out in the sun. It was ✨h a w t✨

Like imagine going out in the 3pm sun, wearing all black 💀 But anyway we managed..

So the whole thing about the project was basically clean rivers, and the trash around it, overall it was very informative. Plus I love going on treks, and we actually were walking beside a stream while the instructors enlightened us 😂😂.

Nature Walk at Mula-Ram Confluence - Jeevitnadi Living River

We were informed about a lot, like where the river goes into two parts ( it braids) and about how it meanders also how the sewage plants are sitated in the way of the river and that’s why they get polluted.

I also saw a lot of birds and animals (since it was basically a forest that grew only around rivers, it was a characteristic of that forest! Though I don’t remmber much *cri*)

We saw egrets, pond herons and another bird that resembled a crow, but it wasn’t one- (I forgot the name 😭) In addition, we also saw bats, not just two or three but like a whole group of them, and my petrified soul 😞😞

A thought the bats were cute- She literally went like “Heyyyy look at that, they’re so cute” and I’m just staring at her “Girl are you okay-?” 😂😂

*flashbacks of when A sent me a picture of a bat in here garden with the context “we have a little guest in our garden today”*

Great Egret - The Australian Museum
I found the egret to be really pretty! 😍

And then came the main task, we had to clean out the trash which was right next to a river. I kinda felt sad seeing all the trash me and my partner collected (me being the intellectual I am, forgot to carry a trashbag) SO MUCH TRASH like, I was honestly disappointed because we are practically littering a forest, which is the territorry of animals 😭 That is so wrong of us.

But it was fun, helping to save the nature! We literally picked up so much glass (literally two bottles and one broken bottle 💀), sandwich boxes, plastic, cloth and what not (we were wearing gloves, don’t worry bahsjdhs) Our trashbag was like FULL and heavy.

We carried out the trashbags till the entrance of the forest, (with my soul practically going “omg that bag is gonna tear” all the way) and put it there, where it would be disposed properly! I then had to leave since I had to travel….and my friends went to school for the programme scheduled ahead!

That was my day! How about you? Do you enjoy social service? Have you ever done something to save nature? Let me know in the comments!

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