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Musical Collab with Divi! 🧸🎶

Hewo Lilies! This is a collab!! Finallyy, I love having collabs because the discussions can be so fun and we always come up with the most amazing things at the end 🥺💜 Today I'll be interviewing Divi! On terms of music 😎😂 Since we share a pretty similiar music taste, we decided on this collab!… Continue reading Musical Collab with Divi! 🧸🎶


Dear Diary – Dedicated to Lili’s Not-So-Secret_Diary 💜

Dear Diary, I'm finally 13,Everyone says I'm old enough now.But I think I need more time,For what does all this "teenager" stuff mean? Dear diary, I feel like I shouldn't have let them get to me,Should've never responded, and just shut up.Shouldn't have stood up for myself and stayed calm,Feels like I should've let it… Continue reading Dear Diary – Dedicated to Lili’s Not-So-Secret_Diary 💜