Happy 200 Follows!🌵

Hello Lilies! We did it! We’re at 200 already!
I was supposed to write this post, 7 days back (yes, my life now practically revolves around the number, seven) but I haven’t been doing that well lately. I’m exhausted, mentally and physically.

Also, that I’m 13 now 😂😂 I’m finally legal on some socials I use. It’s a relief hahah.

But that’s not the thing, we crossed 200! So there’s practically 200 people over the internet reading my posts. That’s really huge for me..and I really do not know what to do-

While we patiently wait for the song cover, I thought of absolutely nothing. So, what do you think? 😂

I’m sorrryy it’s just that I don’t have enough motivation to do anything anymore. I may even announce a hiatus and I know that this isn’t what my readers would expect but I just do not know.

All I just want to say is thank you! I never imagined this place getting so much attention, so thank you for reading my posts, liking my content and supporting me! It means the world to me. Drop in your ideas for celebration, and I will do it for you!

Meanwhile, just take this small badge, as a smal gift for supporting me!


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