Lili needs your help ~(>_<。)\

Hello everyone! Welcome back to this website where the author has no idea of how to do an intro. But we manage to put up with that 😂. Anyway, in this post, I just need help and some support from all of you! 💗

We have an inclusivity project at school, for which we need to hold a few surveys. Since there are 205 of you following me, I think it’d be great if each (or atleast most T-T) of you could fill out this form. All your information will stay private with me only! 🌈💕

If you have any articles/poems/speeches or literally anything that could help support a project focusing on “Women Empowerment”, mind sending it to me? 🥺💜 I’d really appreciate it so much, and I promise to not take any credits for it.

Why I’m asking for help, is that I’m very passionate about this one project! So please, please try and help, won’t you?

Here is the link to the form – https://forms.gle/FZ9nSKGNZgrNCC9D9

Remember to share/reblog this post if you can! Remember, it is up to you to fill out that form or even share it, no pressure! 🥨💕

Thank you for reading this post! Take care, stay safe, remember to eat and hydrate plenty and get some rest if you haven’t! I love you so much 🥺💜

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23 thoughts on “Lili needs your help ~(>_<。)\

  1. “Welcome back to this website where the author has no idea of how to do an intro. But we manage to put up with that 😂” ~ I can relate 🥺😭😭😂 my intros are under construction! 🚧👷🏻‍♀️
    I can’t think of anything to send in right now, but if I do later I’ll come back! I wish you the best of luck with it! 🥰💕

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  2. Not sure if I’m here at the right time or not. However, if the topic is about women empowerment I have an amazing resource that you can definitely check out which us about girls’ education. It is the website named “Assembly” owned by Malala Fund. Students, girls and women across the world have written must read articles in their website. It might be very useful for your project.

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