Dear Diary – Dedicated to Lili’s Not-So-Secret_Diary 💜

Dear Diary, I’m finally 13,
Everyone says I’m old enough now.
But I think I need more time,
For what does all this “teenager” stuff mean?

Dear diary, I feel like I shouldn’t have let them get to me,
Should’ve never responded, and just shut up.
Shouldn’t have stood up for myself and stayed calm,
Feels like I should’ve let it be.

Dear diary, does my mom think I’m troublesome?
I now realise that I should probably listen to her.
She goes through so much, and still gives me a chance,
But it does hurt when sometimes, she calls me dumb.

Dear diary, I feel like everyone hates me,
I feel like they want to bring me down.
Will anyone love me for who I am?
Will anyone be willing to see?

Dear diary, sometimes I start to hate myself too,
Because for how long will my favourite band hold me?
I sometimes can’t do things right, and can’t seem to change myself,
My mood is never bright, always grey and blue.

Dear diary, I think I can be creative though,
For this is how I express my feels.
Maybe this is just a part of my life!
And life is tough, so~

Dear diary, you are so precious, thank you for all you do,
Where would I share my poetry? Where would I vent?
Where would I find love, support and friends, if it hadn’t been for you?
But do hold my secrets, won’t you?

That was a whole rollercoaster of emotions 🥺💜 I have another post coming up that will explain more!

Written on – 12.11.2021 at 11:10 pm 💜
Behind the poem – I had a bad day, and could not sleep, so I decided to take out my diary and write! (I do not maintain diaries, I just have one for all the poems I write). I read it out to my sister, made some changes and then decided to post it today! I also wrote it, as a small letter to this blog, because we crossed 200 follows!

Thank you for reading, stay safe, remember that you matter! Your feelings, emotions and opinons are valid! Don’t let anyone steal your sparkle ✨

Love yaa!!

20 thoughts on “Dear Diary – Dedicated to Lili’s Not-So-Secret_Diary 💜

  1. I love how you openly express your emotions! It makes me feel better as well, your posts make me smile :))
    Hey Even I keep a separate diary just for my poems!
    Oh wow, the teenage phase seems tough, huh? I’ll join you soon, I have 5 months to go XD
    Keep going! You are one tough girl who has powered through difficult times, I know ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw really? This means the world to me! I love bringing a smile on the faces of my readers!
      It’s not tough, it’s mainly just adjusting to peoples expectations (in my case, people expect way too much *cries*) ahh omg 5 monthsss yayy that will pass really quickly
      Thank you 🥺💜 I will

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I want to give you a big hug Lili😭😭😭But it’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna get better, it seems hard but this tough time would go, soon enough.
    Welcome to teenage, though.

    Liked by 1 person

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