Happy Tae Day! 💖+ Sneha features again XD

It’s Taehyung’s birthday!! Yeeeeee that reminds me that 2021 is almost ending. Phew, it’s been a long year. And tough, but I hope you and your loved ones are safe! Let’s all hope the next year will be better..

hey but why does 2022 sound like 2020 two? IS THIS A SIGN

ANYWAY. Back to why I’m writing this post! TAE DAY!! 💜💜


Happy Tae day!! Wishing all the health and happiness to Taehyungie ! Happy to have spent another year with him!! I hope you can wish him on any of – Weverse // Twitter // Instagram, and maybe if Tae sees it it’ll make him happy ♡

Happy birthday to the person who never let us down even in his downs!!


As usual, I write bias anthems for each member, but today’s is written by Sneha!

Sneha is such an awesome poet and has the funniest personality!! She’s one of my closest friends and I’m so happy to feature her on the second-last day of the year! She kinda saved this post because I had no time today 😭

Check her blog out!! – https://readwriteandbelieve.wordpress.com/

My bias is Kim Taehyung,
Armies call him V~
He is the second youngest member!
And his voice is deep as the sea. (supposed to be ocean lmao) 

He has a cute smile,
For which he is famous, 
He has a cute dog called Yeontan, 
Who is said the be the eighth member of BTS!

He is a very "good boy",
And is fond of Panda Express.
He said he is GOD~
Which is true more or less!

AWW I LOVE THAT SO SO MUCH! Thank you for taking out the time to write this, Sne! 🥨💕

Check out more bias anthems!

Is this a series? XD, let me know if I should make a category for this!! Can’t wait to revamp my blog again. Do you want the classic purple, or would you like to see a new color for the new year?

Please help me decide because me indecisive brain can not. 👀😂

Take care, stay safe! You made it through this post!! I will be posting tomorrow too, so stay tuned. Drop in a comment if you’d like to! ❤ I love you so much!!




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