╰╮﹕ ıllı ⸝⸝ god’s finest plan 💗

god made a beautiful angel,
an angel i can call mine.
an angel who would give me eternal love and support,
an angel who would help me shine.

sometimes i do forget,
that my angel has feelings too.
she has her moods and needs her time,
apart from all the things she has to do.

i try to understand my angel,
help and support her as much as i can.
give her all my love like she does in return,
she deserves it all for being god’s finest plan.

i call her ‘mother’,
for my prettiest angel requires the strongest name!
all she does for me, all the impact she makes on my existence,
needs to be appreciated in this life-game.

i love my angel endlessly,
she is so tough and wise.
she tells me about right and wrong,
and soothes all my cries.

i honestly don’t know what i’d do without her,
oh wait…
then my life wouldn’t even occur.

happy mother’s day to all the moms out there! you guys are so awesome and are loved!!
what did you guys do for your moms? i made a whole gift box, i’m really proud of it 💗

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(damn there was only one)


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