⪖ ⪕﹒some extremely cool things・🎍

heyya lilies!! how are you guys doing?

I heard some of you guys are writing exams ,, that sucks but oh well- goodluck!! you guys are geniuses, I’m sure you will do well!!

it takes a genius to follow lili’s not-so-secret diary

in this post i will be talking about cool stuff! I thought it would be a great post idea..


  • PENGUINISM – as fake as this sounds, you won’t believe that penguinism is ACTUALLY a religion! It was discovered in the late 1900s but surprisingly, not many people know about it. This religion includes the basic principles of all religions and was founded by a researcher in Antartica! As he could only get penguins to follow him (skills thoughhh), he named it ‘penguinism’!! You guys need to search it up rn!
  • BABIES – Babies are the ONLY mammals that are born deaf! Yes, you were deaf once. Your ears gradually develop over the ears to actually help you hear! Isn’t that so cool? The fact that I just found about this 😭😭 That’s why when we get flashbacks about our childhood, WE ONLY SEE what happened. Do you ever remember hearing what happened that time? No right?? Proves my point.
  • PANDAS – Pandas who get enough sleep don’t have darkcircles!! Aaaa, see that is why you should sleep!
  • RED EYES – Red eyes typically appear in old photos because older cameras could pick up demonic possessions easier than newer ones!
  • If you close your eyes and hold your breath, you can sleep forever! Though it sounds dangerous, it is actually a thing 😂😂👀

That was it for this post! Did you know about any of these facts? Let me know in the comments below!! Drop in some cool facts in the comments as well 😂✋



19 thoughts on “⪖ ⪕﹒some extremely cool things・🎍

    1. yay! well, someone HAD to say it 💪😔
      oh mii goshhh, really? 🤩 that is SO cool moi! im so proud to have a comment like yours up here!! penguinism ftww

      Liked by 1 person

  1. yooo i think i remember reading about penguinism for world religion! it’s super interesting
    good to know that my brother was possessed by a demon growing up 😃 and i thought it was just camera glare~! you can’t photoshop out the truth!
    poor sleep deprived pandas! i’ve literally never seen a rested panda then 😢
    awesome post lili, this was very informative!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh 😳 wow! I know right?
      Aaaaaaaaaa (is he still possessed? 😂😂) Ooh yea no you can’t photoshop the truth ✨well said 😂👍
      same 😦 you just saw one in the picture!
      Thank u! I’m glad to spread (mis) information 😳😂

      Liked by 2 people

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