wEiRd pRoNoUnCiAtiOnS? : a PoEm

wHaT aRe tHeSe LeTtErs iN mY hEaD?tHaT sOuNd aLl fInE unTil tHeY aRe rEad?tAkInG uP tHE wOrlD's TiMe tO tYpE,tHe sHeEr eMbArRaSsmEnT iMpOsSiBlE tO dEsCrIbe.aNd iT's bEeN aGeS sInCe i TyPeD LiKe tHis,fOr iT tRigGers mE aNd i pRaY iT bE DiSmISsEd.dOn'T yOu tHiNk tHe sAmE?i tHiNk wE aLl kNoW wHo's tO BlAmE... (tHe kEybOaRd,… Continue reading wEiRd pRoNoUnCiAtiOnS? : a PoEm