one different feeling : a write up

too often we take nature for granted. too often, we ignore it. too often we even forget about the impacts that it makes on us. and no, i’m not making the “wake up one day to find absolutely no plants” type of statement. that is so illogical. you probably won’t even wake up because there probably wouldn’t be ANY oxygen left.
it concerns me how ingenius humans can get, taking steps for their own comfort but …
but what about nature? we are ruthlessly destroying it. the impact we make for good is hardly visible.

so, i made a small write-up which i would love for you guys to read!!

Nature and wildlife can provide to be a place for a little self-therapy. Nature has been proven, time and time again, to reduce depression, anxiety, stress, and anger, as well as generally boost psychological wellbeing. However, no one realises that. We take nature for granted. We self-absorbed, inconsiderate humans don’t realise that it’s us who needs nature, not the other way around. This struck me quite late, and by that I mean – just a few days ago.

Thursday, the 24th of March. I gave my Chemistry exam with a 101 degree fever. I swear, I don’t remember half the things I wrote in there. I returned home, fell asleep for an hour or two to only wake up feeling extremely weak. Surprisingly, the first thought to me wasn’t “Oh, I’m sick! That sucks.” it was “Oh my god, how am I supposed to give my finals?”. I mean, that’s what the education system does to you – convinces you that your final exams are more important than your well-being. Anyway, this isn’t about the system. I was in bed for three days, the doctor had predicted for my fever to go up to as high as 104 degrees. I felt miserable. But I didn’t know that I was going to feel something very different because of my fever.

On the fourth day, when I finally had the energy to get out of my bed, I went to my garden. I don’t know what instinct told me to go there first, but I’m happy I did. I saw the green plants with the little rays of sunshine bouncing through my window grills to hit gently on the leaves. It was beautiful. It made me feel happy. It made me feel free. I felt like I was looking at color for the first time. My mother, who was standing behind me, noticed all of this and was quite confused. Of course, I never had appreciated nature or even felt this before. I turned towards her and said “These plants look so pretty!! Ma, I feel so happy!”.

I felt a little awkward while saying that, to be honest. Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but express how I really felt during that moment! I’m not even joking, seeing some of nature after you’ve been in bed for three days is literally what I would call therapy. And you know? I really think nature can provide to be a place for a little self-therapy. Like I said before, we need to appreciate it! I’m so thankful that I could feel, for those 10-15 seconds – something relaxing, something I had never thought of experiencing, something serene and unique.

And from that moment, I’ve always gone near, or to my little green-garden whenever I feel anxious or angry. I’ve learnt that nature gives you therapeutic time for yourself and helps you to unwind! Connecting with the flora and fauna around you can give you a big change sometimes, and you don’t have to be an outdoor enthusiast to love nature. A few plants in your garden and you’re good to go! I, thereby encourage you to cherish, treasure and preserve nature for the benefit of yourself and others. It just takes one try, and you’ll see the change!

oh well, that seems like a long read. well i hope you can take out your time to read through this! it took only a page on my google doc so 😂😂 i expected it to be short. either ways, i hope you enjoyed reading my write up! what do you think i should do next? let me know in the comments!!

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