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ıllı ◜rating ib’s bangtan wallpapers ◞

hey guys!!

im back and then i won’t be back for a while (or i guess so?). school starts tomorrow!! eeeeee so excited 🤩💕
although this year sounds very sTrEsSfUl –
(wdytb flashbacks)
i hope i can do well! i honestly can’t wait because i’ve missed my friends so so much~

i probably don’t live in the same continent as you, so you must be thinking..
summer school?
its actually monsoon here now.. almost. and i love the rains and thunder so much!! 🥨

how are you guys doing?

today's post 

for today’s post, im collaborating with one of my favourite bloggers, ib! she’s a genuinely nice and creative person when it comes to blogging!! ib is very kind too and if you haven’t read her blog yet, YOU’RE MISSING OUT!

go follow her – https://itsib.home.blog/

the idea of this collaboration was ib’s!! she insisted that we should make bangtan wallpapers and rate each other! since it’s also going to be 9 years to BTS’ debut, here’s my way to show them some love!!

Let’s get started! I can’t wait to see what ib has in store for me.

Wallpaper #1

i love how we started off with hobi! the idea of hopeworld is just ✨ hobi is a fashion icon!! woah ib, you did a great job selecting those pictures.. they totally match his style!! 💜💜

no YOU live in a society, i live in hopeworld 🙄✌

Rating – 9/10 ; I’M IN LOVEEEE

Wallpaper #2

ooh, an ot7 wallpaper!! i really love how you quoted their comeback song and the pictures look like they’ve been put in a scrapbook! so pretty~ 💜

those purple flowers are so cute!! ib you’re doing a great job if you haven’t made wallpapers until now ✨

Rating – 10/10 ; I just love how overall it looks like a scrapbook!!

ps. – stream ‘yet to come (the most beautiful moment)’!!

Wallpaper #3

VMIN!! Is this picture from the ‘Home’ performance? I don’t remember much, correct me if i’m wrong! I love how the blue in jimin’s shirt goes so well with the background!!

also their hair!! aaaaa i would die to have hair like this 😭😭😭


Rating – 9/10 ; SOULMATE THINGZ

Wallpaper #4

aww look its taeee!!

and they look like polaroids!! i’ve always loved polaroids for some reason.

remember how i put a polaroid camera on my bucketlist? im not sure if anyone remembers that.. haha..

Rating – 8.5/10 ; i love how you wrote “Tae Vante” on the side!! it looks very pretty

Wallpaper #5

if i were to give this a name, it would be namjoon namjooning! if you don’t know what namjooning is, search it up! its a routine of all the things joonie loves to do~ (includes visiting art galleries, riding a bicycle and taking care of plants!)

again, THEY LOOK LIKE POLAROIDS!! Aww, i love this sm!

Rating – 10/10 ; i see joonie, i give it a 10 😂💜

Wallpaper #6

the font is a bit small on my pc! but i can read it, and SEE THIS IS WHY I LOVE NAMJOON! He is so wise~ 💜💜

i also love the picture you put in the background! the font is a bit hard to read, but that’s alright ^^

i know this quote by him, and almost live by it everyday too!! ✨

Rating – 8/10 ; its a very deep and meaningful quote!

Wallpaper #7

MINIMONI FTW! If you don’t know what minimoni is, it’s the ship (well not exactly SHIP) name for BTS’ jimin and namjoon!

they’ve always been one of my favourite ships, aside from 2seok! i really love the font you used above jimins head (or is that what i call it? 😂)

the purple aesthetic matches the theme perfectly! good job 💜

Rating – 10/10 ; IM IN LOVEEEE, AGAINN

That’s it for this post! I overall loved EVERY wallpaper ib made, isn’t she SO creative?? go show her website some love and you’ll find her post containing my wallpapers and her thoughts on them there too!!

which wallpaper was your favourite? what song on the BTS’ most recent album, “PROOF” is your favourite? Mine is definitely ‘Born Singer’. I can’t express how happy I am that they finally put it on Spotify and started their anthology album with the song!! Born Singer was a song they released (or let’s say performed) in 2015! I absolutely love that performance a lot 💜💜

i hope you guys are doing good! i love you, wish me luck with school~

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