﹒☆﹐🌊 june wrap-up﹗

Far up in the deep blue sky,
Great white clouds are floating by ;
All the world is dressed in green ;
Many happy birds are seen,
Roses bright and sunshine clear
Show that loveley June is here.

-FG Sanders, June

My Recent Thoughts + Health!

hey! I’ve been good ,, okay.. pretty much occupied with school.
i was not prepared for how stressful high school is 😃✋ i’m just gonna tell everyone reading this (who is younger than me)
i swear you will not regret it.

i have exams in like two-ish weeks? yeah no i don’t know shit. something in my brain is telling me that i will manage so lets just trust that, yeah? how have you guys been? i tried to post – oh well. i failed miserably didn’t i 😭

i’ve also been so obsessed with this new series called “the summer i turned pretty”. I think it came out this year (?).. it’s cool haha.

Pretty Words I Came Across!

He looks at her like he just realised what love is.
Let's meet again, for the first time.
They say lavender softens anxiety / and i wonder whether i can plant a garden / so dense in your mind/that the knots in your chest unravel / and never tighten again.
the moon hung over the planet earth. a dead thing over a dying thing.

Favourite Tracks This Month!

Follow me on Spotify!! – Lili
I discovered so much music this month! There’s loads I have to recommend!!

My Goals For Next Month! + review of the goals (may)

  • do well in my unit exams
  • stay fit + hydrated ,,
  • E A T
  • get close with a few people
  • don’t procrastinate
  • tryout for school teams ~

Review Time!!

May Goals :

  1. Do well in school and DON’T stress out (its useless.)
  2. get better at basketball!
  3. be organized bc if you don’t schl will be hell
  4. read atleast one book
  5. do something that makes me happy every single day

  1. Yeah we don’t do that here
  2. I’m actually pretty decent now!
  3. Trying, I’m not “messy” but im not organized either
  4. oooh da vinci code is being read (YES, STILL.)
  5. ah well i don’t really get too much time ,, trying

that was it for this wrap up! song cover coming soon (it’s worth the wait ,, i got my pc fixed!) i hope to post more, thank you for being patient with me 💙 take care and stay awesome!


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