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the song cover i promised | sweetest feeling by bella thorne

I finally got my pc fixed and uploaded my recordings of my cover!! the reason this post was getting delayed was that my pc was broken 😭😭✋ it simply refused to respond, so i couldn’t really upload my recorded stuff.

(yes i use this one particular pc to record my songs bc the mic is just immaculate💅)

anyway, in this post i’ve covered “sweetest feeling” by bella thorne. i originally heard it on the ‘midnight sun’ movie i was telling you guys about in this post. my sister was begging me to cover this bc she loves the song sm!

so here we go :

ok but when is wordpress gonna let me upload vids for free 💀💀

original song here!
creds to this video for the bg track!
( i do not own the song or the bg track i used, credits are given above ^)

i hope you liked it! lmk your thoughts on it and if there’s any song you wish for me to cover! im open to suggestions (:

i hope everyone’s been doing well and IM TRYING MY BEST to create content.. mwah

13 thoughts on “the song cover i promised | sweetest feeling by bella thorne

    if u were in a concert or smth i would have asked for your autograph by now!!!
    gurrrrrrl u rock
    (sorry couldn’t check it out b4, highschool ugh *facepalms*)

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    1. aw haha thank you dhriti! you have no idea how much this comment means to me bc i havent received a single comment since may..
      aw man, it just takes a little bit of effort! and its okay, ive been learning music since 2 (or 3?) years now so i have the vocal basics but u never know, you could be a pro!

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