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⺀﹒study tips from lili

hihii lovelies! i am now officially back. my exams ended yesterday and i’m going to hang out with a few friends day after tmr (i will probably post about that too). i honestly feel so much better and want to write a post containing all the study tips that helped me during exams!

as you guys know, i am a genius. pretty much. SJHSJHSSHJ CAN I STOP ALREADY. but no, i’m quite sincere when it comes to school and take it somewhat ‘seriously’. so here goes all my tips, in one post~

★ ﹑be ahead of your class

no, this isn’t ‘nerdy’. the number of times i’ve been called a nerd for doing this is insane. when you’re in high school, i think you have no choice but to be ahead of the class because at my school, exams hit like a bus 😭 and before you know it, you’re giving 80 mark papers~

i prefer being ahead of class, it really helps and reduces your stress during exam time. next tip shares how to be ahead of your class ^^

★ ﹑utilize your time wisely

i don’t care how cliché this sounds but this is so helpful. i know we all have a vacation mood but a few hours dedicated to studying will benefit you immensly. especially, if you focus on your weaker subjects!!

i took up the task of convincing myself to study for atleast 3-4 hours a day. and no, it’s not a lot haha, if you utilize your time wisely – you can have fun!

★ ﹑music is not helping you

as much as i’ve heard people on pinterest go like ‘make a study playlist, it really helps!”, i don’t want it to get in the middle of what i’m studying! studying in school is all about memorising and understanding concepts. if you play songs, your brain is easily distracted from what you’re trying to learn to the lyrics of the song. i’m not even lying!

this is completely okay for homework, if it helps you concentrate, okay. it personally does not work for me and it takes me much longer to learn stuff with music playing in my ears. at one point i just get so annoyed, that i have to stop the music.

★ ﹑make your own notes

once written is twice read! use colors, your mindmapping skills and literally all your creativity. personally for subjects like biology, history and geography, i prefer making lots of mindmaps! you can use the net for inspo, or be your own inspo! hehe~

click here to view my collab board!

making your notes can be
but i know you got this so yay??? (i cannot be validating, i know.)

★ ﹑go through past question papers

if you can, go through past year’s question papers! it usually helps you test yourself. and if there are any questions you cannot answer, you know what you have to improvise on!

these were my top 5 study tips! would you like me to do more posts like this? let me know in the comments~

i hope you guys are doing okay hehe ^^ i noticed that i gained two followers and eventually lost them aha 😂😂💜 my groupchat has been dead lately, but hey! i really appreciate how nine of you joined the groupchat. i love talking to you guys sm~ even though it’s not on a daily basis.

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6 thoughts on “⺀﹒study tips from lili

  1. randomly stumbled upon this, but thank you for these! it’s hard to filter out actual useful study tips among the billions on the internet, and i really, really needed to hear the one about music, haha 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. im glad you did! hehe~
      i know right? there’s just too many out the internet >< so these are the ones that work for me the best.
      the thing about music is that, it actually is distracting your brain when all you really want is to learn! so yep (:


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