.⋆。˚ second chance ∞

Not a single minute passes without the thought of you,
I look in the mirror and whisper to myself to just let it go.
Been longing for that one conversation, haven’t you too?
Every day, I hope for at least one of your texts to show.

We’ve taken each other for granted, but that’s us.
I’m afraid to lose you, maybe I have already.
Can’t get over how talking to you every day was a ‘must’.
Took me long enough to realize my stupidness, guess I’m sorry.

I know I can’t fix anything but you can’t either,
We did what we did.
We’re like two dead flowers left to wither,
It all happened in a heartbeat.

No, I’ve changed for the better, I swear,
Realized how you were always good to me.
Hopelessly as I write this letter, showing I care,
No guilt trip – it was me who couldn’t see.

I hope you get over my mistakes,
I hope you forgive us and we can sort it out.
I want you to know I regret hitting my bad stakes,
There’s too much I’ve done that I’m not proud about.

All I ask for is a second chance,
I promise not to hurt you again.
All my doings have put me in a trance,
For I just simply cannot get you out of my brain.


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