`🦋`.✿﹒pretty boyꜝ

i think about a thousand things as i lay in bed, 
and somehow you are always one of them. 
it's always, those hopeless scenarios, 
i'd never dare to initiate. 

do i care so much about you? 
you're not even mine. 
are you so pretty? 

and so, my feelings about you remain, 
unvoiced, unheard, unsaid. 
it makes me happy, 
so i'd rather keep it to myself. 

can't they know? 
they feel the same 
am i any different? 

i wonder, as i gaze towards your pretty eyes. 
would you ever know? 
how far i'd have gone for you?
because it would've been pathetic, really.

hey guys! like i promised i have so much in store for you! i hope you’re enjoying my poems ,, although im not quite sure as to how many of you actually read this.. because my follower and view counts have been dropping and additionally i get little to no comments. anyway i haven’t lost hope yet!

next, if you’re still reading this, thanks haha. remember when i told you guys about getting into a counter speech fellowship? right. so i need a lil favour-
for those of you on instagram, please go follow @euphoriaforutopiaa : we are a team of 5 teens making content on themes like body positivity, digital safety, teen wellbeing and more! i promise that you won’t regret seeing us on your daily feed~
for those of you who aren’t on instagram : if you’re willing to do a guest post swap with me, hit me up! (in a non-sensual way hsjdhj). you can reach out to me on liliestheworld@gmail.com and i’ll discuss with you about it right away.
requirements for the guest post :

  1. your site must be completely sfw
  2. your site must have atleast 250 follows or more
  3. your site should not have plagiarized content – like none.

so if it meets these requirements, go ahead and write me an email!!

thanks for the help (: love you guys and stay safe~


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