﹒☆﹐🕳 october wrap-up﹗

October turned my maple's leaves to gold;
The most are gone now; here and there one lingers:
Soon these will slip from out the twigs' weak hold,
Like coins between a dying miser's fingers.

-Thomas Bailey Aldrich, Maple Leaves

My Recent Thoughts + Health!

i’ve been.. good? yeah pretty much. school got over and then i had 15 days of peace. haha. i’m trying to change my writing style and it’s working. or atleast i think it is, haha. like i said, i’ve been keeping myself occupied through a fellowship. oH and before i forget, i published my article on this website. so i’d really appreciate it if you could take out time to yk, read it 😭

i’m kind of enjoying the fellowship but our follower count keeps dropping ,, so again go follow us at @euphoriaforutopiaa on instagram. i tried posting this month and i promise there will be so much more poetry this month!

y’all know what november means? MY BIRTHDAY MONTH. HEHEHHEH 🖤
how are you guys doing? got any teaaa?? 😋

Pretty Words I Came Across!

inhale sky, exhale stars.
nothing ever ends poetically. it ends and we turn it into poetry. 
all that blood was never once beautiful. it was always just red.
i've never believed that beauty could exist in self destruction.
then i saw you.

and your eyes told stories with dangerous beginnings and lost endings, where
every page was breathing with colour.

yes, you were beautiful to me.
storm in her eyes, peace in her smile.
your eyes seem to be expecting miracles i would be most honoured and willing to perform.

Favourite Tracks This Month!

taylor swift dropped her album and i’m ADDICTED.. so i can’t not include her whole album in here-

Books I Read This Month!

i’m still reading allegiant 😭✋ i thought i’d finish it over the vacay but i just never had the motivation to read a book where people CONSTANTLY told me to not read it like???

My Goals For Next Month! + review of the goals (september)

  • be able to make good csf content
  • be good to my team and not get frustrated
  • don’t burn out it’s okay to take breaks
  • celebrate my birthday ,, and be okay
  • be nice to people who haven’t been the same to me.

Review Time!!

September Goals

  1. study study study and more study
  2. be able to give time to csf
  3. spend time off the screen and hangout with my friends
  4. get motivation to write more (couple of posts coming up btw)
  5. be kind

  1. yeah. it’s going to be a peaceful month rn.
  2. i hope, i really hope.
  3. yikes
  4. yessir
  5. well there’s no people i’m meeting rn so ig we’ll find out 🖖

i hope you loved reading this wrap-up! be sure to follow @euphoriaforutopiaa on instagram ,, it’s worth it. give me ideas for song coverssss aaah ;D ly sm!!

also omg im running out of colours for thissss waaa


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