:✰ i’m hardly binary ⸝⸝

im hardly binary,
im a king.
im a queen.
im more than just my body,
im more than what you've seen.
im hardly binary,
im a prince and a princess.
combined, bound by -
the galaxies i hold in my arms.
where gender doesn't seem to apply.
im hardly binary,
i dont fit in the labels -
that you deem to be 'normal'.
im the scorching sun,
im the burning stars.
im hardly binary,
i say, as i receive the defiant stares -
from my own friends and family,
is it that difficult? i scream,
to the colors that once found me.
im hardly binary,
i speak, as i write my journal,
hoping it's eternal.
im hardly binary,
except for when i am.

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