‸◟﹒decoy to destroy ﹒♩

we live in a time where we think our opinion is the truth,
in this world of fraud and fumes.
every thought, expertise critic – absolute,
as though finding way to our own doom.

conspiracy theories do things to this mind,
too much speculation with little to no proof – not seen,
as though the whole of humankind is blind.
oh, where are you? the once keen.

how do you possibly live in this fear?
corrupted websites, trolls and decoys,
what are you buying into? what do you trust?
because what you trust is what destroys.

8 thoughts on “‸◟﹒decoy to destroy ﹒♩

  1. You’re growing so much as a writer and I think this post exemplifies this! Masterfully crafted!
    “because what you trust is what destroys.” is such a amazing and hard hitting line to leave your readers on. Love your work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aaaa omg thank u sm that literally made my day 🤧💜
      i’m so proud of that line too!! i’m glad you noticed it hehe

      i think i might treasure this comment forever, thank u sm for visiting my blog and commenting 💜 i feel so happy that the right people are here and its the sweetest community ever!

      Liked by 2 people

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