₊⁻∘・ an ode to 2022 ˚︵.

all i want to tell you,
this chapter may be ending,
but it will never be forgotten.

so, here i am, hopelessly trying,
to combine the entirety of you.
you, who are a span of 8760 hours,
using combinations of merely 26 letters.

it’s your turn to tell me.
did i spend them wisely?
or was it all a false envisage?

that i could reach my dreams,
made by poetry, bound by galaxies.
tell me, if i dared to fly,
would the sun even know me?

you have been a beautiful paradox.
one that i’m irrevocably and
totally in love with.

you’re like a book that i’ll never write,
or a song destined to never be composed,
for, only 26 letters were not enough
to describe all that lies within you. 

so, it shall lie within me.
it shall lie within every tear,
every giggle, every breath of mine.

i’m not afraid, it has become a persona.
and maybe that persona is fated to be buried,
a memoir, enclosed by all the years that passed by,
until it is triggered somehow, to reappear someday,

gladly again, i’ll endure all that you will ever signify.


2 thoughts on “₊⁻∘・ an ode to 2022 ˚︵.

  1. This is beautiful! Cheers to the new year Lili ❤
    Its amazing to see how much your writing has evolved over time! You really bring out the maturity in your poems 😀
    each and every word has been penned down thoughtfully… and i simply LOVE IT.
    Let’s make it through, healthy and happy this year! (and school yikes)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you ,, happy new year!
      i know, at one point i go up on pinterest (great way to find inspo tbh) and it feels like wOAH i wanna be able to write like that.. so im just working my way towards it :>
      thank you, im glad you interpret it that way !!
      yes (and yikes)

      Liked by 2 people

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