﹒☆﹐✨ december wrap-up﹗

Child of the grand old winter,
December floateth by;
And the ground without is bare and white
As the moon in the cloudless sky.
The wind blows cold and dreary,
Across the whitened plain;
And we see the oaks with their branches bare,
Through the frost on the window pane.
But within where the yule-log's burning,
Each heart is happy and gay;
For the loving Prince of earth and Heaven,
Was born on Christmas day.
Then hail! grand old December,
We welcome you once more!
For the memory sweet of a night you bring,
That came in the days of yore.

-Joseph D. Herron, December

My Recent Thoughts + Health!

all that’s going on in my head right now is
damn this year is over already. it still feels like the first time i ever tried to type a wrap-up ,, devising a format that fit my satisfactions (mind you, i still don’t remember the format for this 😭) and the overall aesthetic. i don’t know whether i’m going to continue doing wrap-ups or experiment more. honestly, i don’t even know how many of you still read this. maybe i’ll buy a paid plan next year, but i’m highkey scared that i’m not going to get time next year. and i don’t want to be detached from my hobbies or even writing. the last time i went on a hiatus the activity on this website reduced drastically and i don’t want to lose any of you guys 😭

now that i’m thinking of how the year went by, it was okay-ish. but i hope the next one is better. truly. i’ve been okay except catching the usual cold aha ,,

Pretty Words I Came Across!

we are writers, 
my love.
we don't cry.
we bleed on paper.
do you still perform autopsies on conversations you've had lives ago?
the gods envy us. they envy us because we are mortal, because any moment may be our last. eveything is more beautiful because we are doomed.
and we danced, on the brink of an unknown future, to an echo from a vanished past.
the mind is beautiful because of a paradox. it uses itself to understand itself.

Favourite Tracks This Month!

Books I Read This Month!

  1. The Silent Patient – Alex Michaelides : IM IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK OH GOD.
    it is so worth it, probably one of my favourite books. it’s a whole psychological thriller and i wish i could read it all over again without knowing the end 😭😭
  2. Dancing Jax – Robin Jarvis : it’s really hard to say anything about this book. i don’t know what to feel about it. it took me a while to even figure out the setting and plot of this book because it was all just completely different scenes in different chapters. so i don’t really know..

My Goals For Next Month! + review of the goals (november)

  • learn how to braid hair
  • start journalling
  • complete atleast one course
  • manage school with other things
  • give more time to music

Review Time!!

  1. win atleast one csf award + do well @grad day
  2. be supportive to everyone around me
  3. learn from my experiences
  4. study
  5. fix my sleep schedule (lmao)

  1. i did !! our team won team of the fortnight and it was memorable!
  2. hypeman fr
  3. yessir
  4. no
  5. okay.

(can you tell i’m not in a mood for sentences?)

hope you loved reading this wrap-up. i can’t believe it’s the end of a beautiful year ,, be okay and btw expect to read two more posts today~
hehe, lysm !!


16 thoughts on “﹒☆﹐✨ december wrap-up﹗

  1. ooh, a wrap up!! i love reading yours 😀
    i’m scared i won’t be able to blog all that much next year 😦 i mean, i’m going into 10th grade so it’s going to be hectic.
    a nonsense christmas! i loved that remix. sabrina carpenter is top tier.
    AHH the silent patient!! one of the best thrillers ever written i loved the plot twist so much!!
    oh, and i can def tell you’re not in the mood for sentences. those one word answers tho- xD
    happy new year lili!!!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. im glad you find the time to be able to read it, evin!
      mhm yeah, apparently 9th grade is a fun but tough year at our school (they literally start it early because there’s SO much portion to cover)
      i hope you can continue blogging though. it’s insane how much audience you’ve been able to gather within a year ,, don’t give up.
      yesss omg i discovered it a while ago and tbh the chokehold it has on me 😭😭
      oh my god yes and like it’s the authors debut book?? HOWWW it doesn’t seem a bit like it. it’s like he’s been writing for ages. and i will not tolerate any criticism (i made the mistake of reading that on goodreads 🧍‍♀️) against it.
      ahaha 😌
      happy new year to you too, evin !! thanks for passing by!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. honestly, the portion for 9th is really interesting and fun! It’s going to be a lil tough cuz it’s a big shift from middle to hugh school, but you’ll get used to it! 9th was one of my favourite grades.
        yeah, that’s true😄
        It’s the DEBUT?? Wow, that’s incredible. You should check out a good girls guide to murder, it’s my absolute favourite –
        ahh, yeah- i hate reading reviews of my fav books on Goodreads that criticize it???💀
        youre welcome!💘

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ooh yeah, tbh icse board is a bit extra ,, that’s the only reason im like worried but yeah ill manage anw (not like we have an option lmaoo)

        yes it is. mhm ikr? oH yeah a lot of people at school are reading it 🤸‍♀️i’ll hopefully borrow it sometime soon!

        IKR them going “he has no idea of what a therapist should be like” oKAY BECKY how about you write a better psychological thriller?? 😭😭

        Liked by 2 people

      3. o: yea but i’ve heard the languages are tougher (like more advanced) for yall compared to icse.
        but i swearrrrr i don’t understand why they want to cover double the portion every year 🧍‍♀️

        Liked by 1 person

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