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22 lessons from ’22

hey lilies!

i hope all of you had a wonderful christmas and if you don’t celebrate it, well, happy holidays !!
i hope everyone is doing okay and spending time with their loved ones. i can’t explain my inactivity (i literally missed out on so many emails for collabs i feel so pathetic 😭😭) but i thought i could end this year with a reflecting post. so yep. i have been staying connected to creating content and i’m proud of myself for being able to do that.

here goes, 
22 lessons from 2022.
  1. there’s so many better people, who are waiting for you. just go out there and you won’t regret it.
  2. music requires patience, time and dedication. the outcome is always worth it.
  3. last minute things will never work / give you the satisfaction.
  4. journalling is actually very therapeutic.
  6. life’s too short to put on a farce. be realistic.
  7. you have a billion things to do and they’re not going to do themselves. (but take a breather)
  8. stop comparing your raw work to someones filtered finesse. you are going to get better.
  9. interact !! people love you and you don’t have to match their energy. you are so unique.
  10. blessed is she who falls. blessed is she who rises again.
  11. you’re going to figure it out.
  12. take life as it comes rather than planning something as little as a conversation.
  13. no short hair. ever.
  14. failing is the universe’s way of telling you to step up your game. so, do it.
  15. scorpion is actually a great show and there’s so much to learn from it.
  16. stop trying so hard because you’re in the dark. one step at a time.
  17. you don’t have to be the brightest one in the room. just be you.
  18. water is a lifesaver (literally).
  19. you know that girl you don’t like? yeah, be nice to her anyway. be the bigger person.
  20. falling in slight trouble at school is fun. it’s the experience. and it is so worth it.
    (guys, keyword: slight)
  21. live a little !! that stress is eating you up.
  22. you’re not enough, and that’s okay.


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