⁾⁾﹒💤﹒academic validation

im tired of being shot down by a million different people,
only to get back up with bullet holes etched in my lungs,
convince myself that i’m strong as iron, even lethal,
hopelessly remember every word come out of their tongues.
how does one mark manage to hurt so much?

im tired of trying twice as hard to get half as far,
if it’s like this, i don’t even want to try anymore,
i don’t want to end up with false reassurances of my ‘guiding’ star,
my eyes gaze up, unconscious of my shattered heart across the floor.
how does one mark manage to hurt so much?

im tired of being determined to my goal,
when everyone else is only determined to do better than i,
slowly, as i transform into the ‘standard’ for comparison – i take the toll,
in a blink of an eye, suddenly i, end up lost – in the endless sky.
how does one mark manage to hurt so much?

and im tired of people telling me that it’s still a good grade,
they don’t know it’s me and my validation against the world,
assumptions, rumours, theories, now it’s been a decade,
it goes on like an endless unfold.
how does one mark manage to hurt so much?

5 thoughts on “⁾⁾﹒💤﹒academic validation

  1. loved the way you portrayed your feelings! i’m sure every student out there relates to every line. it isn’t easy being consistent and getting good grades.. things that hurt the most are being compared to others, or being talked about for getting a few marks less.
    once again, the poem beautifully captured the competitive environment around us. well penned ❤

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    1. thanks omg i know you feel me :)) i hate being competitive, like why cant all of us js succeed together? why do we feel the need to bring someone else down for our validation? and i started questioning if that is even healthy. turns out, it’s not. but being consistent with YOURSELF is what that matters. tho it may be hard to not compare with others, we gotta try !!

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  2. this is a beautiful poem written about the hyper-competitive society which we live in. your already amazing poetry is improving by the day, and you’ve managed to capture the feelings in the poem. APPLAUD FOR YOU `~~~~

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