About Me

hello im a proud plutonian who loves to embrace awkwardness
these intros are gonna make me lose followers, i swear.

i’m someone who can go in deep conversations, i’m someone who would always be there for you <33 I get influenced very rarely, but when I do, I tell literally EVERYONE about it.

i use light-hearted humour and most of what i say is satire. so please don’t take anything to heart. you can see these traits on my posts, lilies reading this, amirite?

i love music a LOT, and dream of making my own music someday!

♡ likes ♡

– cats
– tea (both kinds 😂)
– aesthetics
– no music = no me
– my besties
– thunders and rain
– night
– ice cream

♡ dislikes ♡

– people who lie
– people who insult something i like
– geography
– toxic/rude people
– onions
– violence/yelling
– racists
– clingy friends…
– ignorant people
– loud noises
– guilt trippers

♡ socials ♡

– min.#5294 on discord
– liliestheworld@gmail.com on gchat/emails
lilisoomin on tumblr
– @liliesthewrld on snapchat
lili on pinterest
lili on spotify

♡ extra ♡

– i need tone indicators, sometimes
– do not interact if you’re going to insult something i like~
– sensitive, sorta..
– made up pen-name, you can call me anything!
– please respect my boundaries.
-’08 liner!
– i do not tolerate jokes on the lgbtq+ community 💜
– i tend to play around a lot, if it makes you uncomfortable, let me know!

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Some of my favourite lyrics to live by~

Special life, ordinary life, each in its own way. What’s good is good, in the end.

Things don’t always go as intended.

Discomfort is something everyone has to withstand

~ People, Agust D

“Give me your hand and promise
Let’s just run for our lives”

~ Into The I-land, IU

“Those hurtful words become meaningless, you’re my fate,
thats what you do”

~ Feel Special, Twice