Blog Buttons

Exchange your Blog Buttons with me! Feel free to ask me to swap <33
You can find amazing blogs from here ^^

A blog button is something you design in order to represent your blog. More like it's a logo for your blog. And then, you swap it with other bloggers, to get your blog noticed.
Blog buttons are a GREAT way to get your blog noticed, if you're a beginner so a button is a MUST HAVE!
PS - While exchanging blog buttons, make sure you link the blog of the person whom you're swapping with, so it's easy for your readers to notice others' blogs by simply clicking on it

Grab my button!


60 thoughts on “Blog Buttons

  1. Lili!! I know I left you a comment yesterday, but I JUST realized you filled in my blog buttons form 3 weeks ago! My apologies. I downloaded your button and put it up on my blog already. Please put mine up anytime 🙂 Also thanks for the compliments on how pretty my blog is~ Your blog is super cute and how did you make your button into a JIF? It’s so cool~~

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    1. It’s okayy hahah it doesn’t matter! Okayy I’ll put yours up now!!
      Your blog looks very pretty 😭 aww thank you so much!!
      I used canva to design it and put a sticker and downloaded it as a GIF (there’s an option to do that in canva itself!) so yep!!

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