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chapter three ?!

woah. it's been like three years already?it feels unreal. it feels as if yesterday when my 11 year old self forced my sister to learn how to operate wordpress - told her i NEEDED people to read my works, that i wanted to do something that nobody (i knew) had done yet. start up a… Continue reading chapter three ?!

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🎄❆ Blogmas!! Post Sixteen | Christmas Aesthetics ❆🎄

Heyya Lilies! Today's post is basically a photo dump! I know many bloggers did this post already, but I had it planned 😭 So I hope you haven't gotten bored of all the other posts and still like mine 😂😂 And to those of you who asked about my leg - The pain got worse… Continue reading 🎄❆ Blogmas!! Post Sixteen | Christmas Aesthetics ❆🎄