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🎄❆ Blogmas!! Post One ❆🎄

Heyya beautiful people! How are you doing? First of all Happy December! I hope you can spend this holiday season with your loved ones!! Christmas is something which isn't really celebrated, where I live, but I'd really love to join all the bloggers doing Blogmas and support them! Also, how is my blog looking? I… Continue reading 🎄❆ Blogmas!! Post One ❆🎄


Dear Diary – Dedicated to Lili’s Not-So-Secret_Diary 💜

Dear Diary, I'm finally 13,Everyone says I'm old enough now.But I think I need more time,For what does all this "teenager" stuff mean? Dear diary, I feel like I shouldn't have let them get to me,Should've never responded, and just shut up.Shouldn't have stood up for myself and stayed calm,Feels like I should've let it… Continue reading Dear Diary – Dedicated to Lili’s Not-So-Secret_Diary 💜