◍ ≻﹒the final frontier﹒

The world had drastically changed from what it was just a century ago. The once-booming cities had turned into desolate, icy wastelands, with the only semblance of civilization being the gleaming metro tracks that stretched across the frozen earth. The air buzzed with activity as futuristic hover-cars zipped across it like dragonflies. In this new… Continue reading ◍ ≻﹒the final frontier﹒


man up, man up, man up!

hihii i wrote this poem a while back. it focuses on male mental health and the importance of it. honestly, there's so much toxic masculinity (fem typa guys >>>) that it's really not safe for our guys out there ): i just hope to normalize the view of how it is okay to break down sometimes only to get back up stronger!!